How Professional Photography Can Increase Residential Property Sales
March 14, 2017 by admin in Aerial Photography 0 Comments

Professional photography can be a useful tool in every aspect of modern day business. Bringing to life the ordinary and pushing your business to the forefront of the visual world. The residential property market is a cut throat industry where the slightest edge will allow you to sneak quietly in front of your competitor and Aerial Real Estate photography may give you that edge. Increasing the perceived value of your property In the digital world we live in, all searches start with the internet. Residential property sales are no different. In fact a vast majority of home buyers will head straight for their computer when searching for their new home. So why is it that so many properties have such poor photography listed with their online profile? You never get a second chance at a first impression, and if that impression is poor then so too may be the interest in that property, decreasing the likelihood of sale of the property. High quality, professional photography will enhance the profile of the property, captivate the mind of the prospective buyer and raise the perceived value of the property. Think about it, if two properties are listed for $500,000 and one property has […]

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Get Up High — With Drone Real Estate Photography
February 10, 2017 by admin in Aerial Photography 0 Comments

Property photos taken with feet flat on the ground can mean promising real estate sales flatline. Aerial real estate photography brings out a listing’s full potential, grabbing potential buyer’s eyes — and interest — with a unique perspective. Empty lots are hard to visualize with a shot of some grass and overgrown trees, but a bird’s eye view can trigger dreams of the land’s true potential. Aerial real estate photography displays a property’s shape, curves and features like a photo of a sexy sports car, making it easier to visual that blank slate as a new construction. Ground level shots often just don’t show a high-end listing’s full beauty. The building’s different levels, layout, and seamless integration with the surrounding property are much more apparent from the sky than from the sidewalk. Studies show that high-quality real estate photography brings more potential buyers through the door, resulting in higher offers and even larger list prices from the start. Drone real estate photography takes that potential to the max with views unlike any other listing on the market. Why drone real estate photography? Snapping a bird’s eye view isn’t a new concept — but rather a newly accessible idea. Drones allow […]

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