Professional photography can be a useful tool in every aspect of modern day business. Bringing to life the ordinary and pushing your business to the forefront of the visual world. The residential property market is a cut throat industry where the slightest edge will allow you to sneak quietly in front of your competitor and Aerial Real Estate photography may give you that edge.

Increasing the perceived value of your property

In the digital world we live in, all searches start with the internet. Residential property sales are no different. In fact a vast majority of home buyers will head straight for their computer when searching for their new home. So why is it that so many properties have such poor photography listed with their online profile? You never get a second chance at a first impression, and if that impression is poor then so too may be the interest in that property, decreasing the likelihood of sale of the property.

High quality, professional photography will enhance the profile of the property, captivate the mind of the prospective buyer and raise the perceived value of the property. Think about it, if two properties are listed for $500,000 and one property has outstanding images that entice the buyer to view the property, the other has substandard, amateur images that make the property look lack luster in comparison, which one holds a higher perceived value? The property with professional images. The perceived value of this property is higher because the buyer perceives it as a more enticing prospect due to the manner in which it is portrayed.

Increased traffic

Professional photography of a property enhances the image of the property, enhances the profile of the property and leads to greater viewing of the property. It is quintessential to ensure that every property has the best possible images displayed on websites and print media to ensure that it is as enticing a prospect as it can possibly be. If the profile of the property is enticing and the imagery is captivating, more potential buyers will express interest in viewing the property. If more buyers view the property, then the likelihood of sale is greater. So why is it that amateur images are still being used to promote residential properties?

It is all about branding

Residential properties are just like any other product in the market place, they need branding. If the residential property package shows poor photography, poor design and a poor property description, then it is less appealing to potential buyers and may be overlooked. The property needs a great profile, it needs a great profile layout, it needs a captivating property description and it needs photography that makes it stand out from the crowd. Professional photography provides a means of making the property rise above the rest; it provides a manner in which to highlight its strong points and to mask the weaker ones. If you correctly “brand” the property then you will increase viewings, increase sales and increase the bottom line in the long run.

Aerial Real Estate photography is just one of the many tools realtors should be using to promote properties and increase property sales. If it makes sense……..


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