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Referral Program – Join our B2B Referral Program Today!

We continue to do well because we are frequently referred. Referrals are an important part to our business, and we want reward our network for every referral you bring to us. If you know another organisation that is need of media production services – feel free to refer Visionair Media and redeem your reward today!

Your Partner Referral Reward

For every referral that completes their first project with the Visionair team, within the first three months from the date of this application is made, you shall receive the following benefits

How the program works

1) Complete the Referral Program Page – As a referrer, fill in your details and with permission from your referral, fill in the details of your referral.

2) Engaging with your Referral – we shall contact your referee and kick start their media project. 

3) Project Complete – we complete your referral’s project! Once invoiced, you will receive your referral partner award via mail. 

Some Important Stuff

1. You can refer as a many candidates to this program as you like!

2. To be eligible for the Partner Referral Rewards, a referee must not be an existing, past, or present customer.

3. You cannot refer a candidate from the same organisation or entity as yourself however, you may be eligible for our Loyalty Program – see program details for more information.

4. You will only receive a Visionair Media mug on your first referral.

5. Discounts are not transferable and will be applied on your next invoice.

6. To be eligible for the Partner Referral Reward, we must engage with the referee within two weeks from date the Referral Program Application was completed. A referral’s project must be complete within 3 months from the date the Referral Program Application was completed.

7. Unpaid invoices may result in suspension of benefits under this program.

8. Privacy is important to us – please ensure you gain the permission from your referee to pass their information onto us!

Loyalty Memberhip Program

At Visionair Media, we value your loyalty as your chosen media production provider. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with our customers. As a thank you, we have developed a membership program that rewards our ongoing business. Recognising ongoing support and loyalty, our program will offer a range of incentives and offers to our members.

Your Loyalty Membership Rewards

We reward our customers based on their spend throughout year through gift cards, exclusive offers, and discounts. Based on the Australian financial quarters, depending on you spend throughout the quarter, you will be rewarded as per below.

How the Program Works

1. Complete the Loyalty Membership Program Page – Fill in your details to be eligible for this program.

2. Work with Visionair Media – continue working with your media production partners, Visionair Media. The amount you spend on our services will be tallied at the end of the quarter.

3. Receive Loyalty Membership Rewards – at the end of each quarter, you will receive a summary or the amount you have spent with us and you will rewarded for your loyalty based on the above amount.

some Important Stuff

1. Only one person from your organisation can claim benefits under this program, this is the person who made the initial Loyalty Membership Application.

2. Spend is calculated at a cost basis and therefore, does not include GST or any fees associated with third parties used such as talent fees etc.

3. Spend will accrue on the date your invoice generated – generally this is after the job is completed. If your project is over a $3,000 or over a certain period of time and you are invoiced for progress payments, spend will accrue on the date such invoice is generated. Alternatively, you may elect to bring forward your invoice date.

4. You will only receive a Visionair Media mug on your first claim in your first quarter.

5. If after 5 months, you have not used or service, your Loyalty Membership will expire, and you will not be entitled to benefits under this program. However, you may apply for the Loyalty Membership Program once again.

6. Unpaid invoices may result in the suspension of benefits under this program.

7. Loyalty Reward members will be entitled to claim benefits under the Refferal Program inconjuntion with the Loyalty Program.

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