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COVID-19: Small to Medium Business Support

Visionair Media team are open for business and are here to help organisations where it can. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced in the 12th of March 2020, our world has not been the same. On the local front, we, the team at Visionair have been working on innovating the implementation of our service delivery and assisting community groups and likeminded businesses, where we can. Over the last week, we have made the decision to execute a range of initiatives to help support our community at this time. Our aim is to stop the curve, limit the negative financial and economic impact on our community and ensure the well-being and safety of the Australian community.

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COVID-19 Helping Hand

Australian Based Video Production Company Visionair Media Turns White Collar Workers Into Stars with Film Magic

According to CISCO, 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2021, creating a higher demand for video content. Within the next 5 years, businesses must ramp up their video presence as it has now become a necessary pre-requite in business. Many organisations are creating content in many ways from video series, branded videos, information series, social media campaigns, and plenty more.

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