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As businesses look to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, many are turning to innovative content captured by skilled drone photographers and videographers to showcase their offerings in a new and exciting way. This cutting-edge technology allows businesses to capture breathtaking aerial imagery that can be used in a wide range of applications, from marketing and advertising to real estate and construction.

For businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, searching for the premier choice in drone photographers and videographers, look no further than Visionair Media. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals including CASA licensed drone pilots, and top-notch photographers, all committed to creating stunning commercial imagery that will elevate your business to new heights.
Furthermore, we extend our expertise in the field and have a network of trusted pilots, photographers, and videographers spread all over Australia, giving us the capability of providing our services to a wider range of clientele all over the country.

Our drone pilots are fully licensed and comply with all necessary regulations set by CASA to ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently. Additionally, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and software to capture high-quality images and videos that are both visually striking and technically sound.

We understand that when you’re looking to hire a drone aerial photography company, you may have a lot of questions. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide transparent, comprehensive information to our clients. Our team at Visionair Media is always available to answer your questions and provide detailed explanations of our processes, so you can make informed decisions about how we can help your business soar.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to capture breathtaking aerial imagery that will showcase your business in the best possible light, look no further than Visionair Media. With our team of skilled professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we’re the perfect choice for all of your drone aerial photography needs.


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Drone Hire Sydney

Visionair Media’s Sydney drone operators are the masters of aerial drone photos and drone video. With cutting-edge technology and artistic precision, they capture stunning visuals that elevate your projects. From iconic cityscapes to product showcases, our skilled team turns your creative vision into reality. Safety, compliance, and a commitment to excellence are our hallmarks. Choose Visionair Media when looking for quality Sydney Drone Photography and Video Production.

Brisbane Aerial

Drone Hire Melbourne

Hire a drone in Melbourne from Visionair Media. With top-tier technology and artistic flair, they create stunning visuals that enhance your projects. From capturing the beauty of Melbourne’s landscapes to showcasing products, our skilled team brings your creative vision to life. Safety, compliance, and excellence are our priorities. Opt for Visionair Media for exceptional Melbourne Drone Photography and Video Production.


Drone Hire Brisbane

Visionair Media’s Brisbane drone operators are masters of aerial photography and cinematography. With state-of-the-art technology and artistic finesse, they craft stunning visuals that elevate your projects. Whether it’s capturing the beauty of Brisbane’s scenery or showcasing products, our skilled team brings your creative vision to life. Safety, compliance, and excellence are at the forefront of our operations. Choose Visionair Media for exceptional Brisbane Drone Photography and Video Production.


Drone Hire Canberra

Visionair Media’s Canberra drone operators are experts in aerial photography and cinematography. Armed with cutting-edge technology and artistic precision, they create stunning visuals that elevate your projects. Whether it’s capturing the capital’s scenic beauty or showcasing products, our skilled team brings your creative vision to life. Safety, compliance, and excellence are our top priorities. For exceptional Canberra Drone Photography and Video Production. 

Drones are revolutionising the world through their advanced technology.


With 1.8 billion images uploaded to the web every day, being good is no longer good enough. Being good means being scrolled past in social media feeds. Flipping past to another channel. Clicking the back button to another website.

But great images? Great shots are the ones that make people pause, press that share button or dig out their phone and call.

So Why do we use drones for photography? Because it is different, offering a perspective impossible for anyone to see using only two feet, drone photography adds a wow factor that’s hard to simply scroll past. Seeing a scene from the eyes of a bird turns a seemingly simple scene into a stunning vista.

Aerial photography isn’t new — photographers have been doing it for decades. But, before drone photography, those images from the air were only possible with an expensive airplane or helicopter, making those stunning shots nowhere near the realm of possibility for small businesses. Drone photography or video is different — but it also isn’t as expensive as you think. Drone technology has helped make aerial content creation more accessible, even to the smallest businesses.

“This video was produced for BresicWhitney by Visionair Media”

The Process involved in drone aerial filming

Planning and Pre-Production:

  1. Define the purpose of the aerial footage (e.g., real estate, cinematography, surveying).
  2. Obtain necessary permits and permissions.
  3. Scout the location and assess potential risks.
  4. Plan flight paths and shot compositions.

Equipment Setup:

  1. Choose an appropriate drone with a stabilised camera
  2. Attach the camera and ensure proper calibration.
  3. Charge batteries and check remote control functionality.

Safety Measures:

  1. Conduct a pre-flight checklist (e.g., propeller integrity, GPS signal).
  2. Verify no-fly zones and weather conditions.
  3. Maintain visual line of sight during flight.

Capture Footage:

  1. Take off and ascend to the desired altitude.
  2. Use manual or automated flight modes (e.g., waypoint navigation, orbit).
  3. Frame shots, adjust exposure settings, and focus.
  4. Capture dynamic angles, such as top-down, tracking, or reveal shots.


  1. Transfer footage to a computer.
  2. Edit using video editing software.
  3. Stabilise shaky footage and color correct.
  4. Add music, graphics, and transitions.


  1. Export the final video in the desired format (e.g., 4K, 1080p).
  2. Share with clients or upload to platforms (YouTube, Vimeo).

Drone aerial filming combines technical skills, creativity, and safety awareness to capture stunning visuals from above. Whether it’s for documentaries, commercials, or personal projects, the process ensures captivating results.

What others are saying

Renee Gangemi

TEDxSydney has worked with Visionair Media for the last 24 months and have really enjoyed the enthusiam that has come from the team in conjunciton with their passion to present ideas and initives on projects. The teams abillity to capture content that really is a snapshot of TEDxSydney events is exceptional and has provided us with great content to use in our marketing communications for months to come after every event. - Renee G (TEDxSydney)

Michael Wong - Sydney Build

Jim, Chris and the rest of the Visionair Media Team are one of our biggest assets for the Sydney Build Expo and Australian Construction Awards. We were after a team which could provide us high quality photos and video footage of our exhibition and they ticked all the boxes. The team were extremely professional and personable in their approach, and went beyond what was asked of them.
- Michael W  (Sydney Build Expo)

Amanda Panetta

Visionair were a pleasure to deal with. Not only did they come up with innovative ideas but their professionalism and can do attitude was very welcomed with all jobs they worked on for us. - Amanda P (Piety Group)

Katrina Ortolan

Jim and the team never hesitate to do what it takes to get the job done. Their support of our event, The Vinnies CEO Sleepout, allows us to use top quality images to market and promote what we do. Jim almost always livens up our briefs with his own touch of creativity that never disappoints.
- Katrina O (St Vincent de Paul Society NSW)

Mary Kerjean

Visionair are an exceptional company to work with. We reached out to Visionair for an Internal video project we needed executed, followed by a Television Commercial that needed to go to Air within 2 weeks. They were professional, affordable and the videos they created were outstanding. We would definitely recommend and use Visionair again for future projects!- Mary K  (Supagas)

Andrew Brady

I would highly recommend Visionair Media to anyone wanting to produce a marketing video for their business. Jim took on the challenge of following and filming our 86km/hr drone and he won. We are very happy with the end result and would of course use Visionair for our future marketing videos. I can't wait to work with them again.

Andrew B - Carbonix


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At Visionair Media, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture and share breathtaking aerial perspectives of the world. As experts in commercial drone photography and video, we have extensive experience in capturing awe-inspiring images of cities, oceans, and hard-to-reach locations. Whether you’re looking to elevate your business with magnificent photographs of skyscrapers, captivating footage of ocean waves, or precise inspections of challenging sites, Visionair Media is your trusted partner in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We set the standard in the industry, so when it comes to truly great images, look no further than Visionair Media.

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Visionair specialises in all types of commercial photography and videography. That means even if you can’t quite put a finger on the vision you have, we can help make it a reality. Our aerial photography, Sydney based company has helped businesses of all sizes with:

  • Aerial photography for Commercial Display and Marketing
  • Drone Video Production / Cinematography
  • Aerial Real Estate and Development Photography
  • Aerial Photography for Corporate Events
  • Future View Photography on new developments
  • Aerial Progress Photography
  • Asset Inspections
  • Aerial Legal Inspection Photography and Video

Best Aerial Photographer 5 years running
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Aerial Photography and Video for Tourism

“This image was captured for Crystal Cruises by Visionair Media”


Get in touch with us and send some basic info for a quick quote

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