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live streaming and broadcasting

The Visionair Media team presents your event LIVE via webcast, globally. With years of expertise in the media production space, our broadcasting solutions are like no other.

Through the power of video production, we capture every single moment of your conference, showcase or presentation and transmit the LIVE coverage direct to your audience.

Amplify your brand, your communications with immersive broadcasting content. LIVE broadcasting streams are ideal for digital interaction, prompting engagement and boosting reach.

Visionair Media employs state of the art technology to seamlessly capture your event. Our highly trained staff understand the technical requirements to bring your vision together.

Benefits of a live broadcasting experience

Worldwide Engagement

Transmit LIVE quality video production around the global instantly. Worldwide engagement and reach will allow you to interact with your community seamless. Your brand can create an immersive real-time experience while being continents apart. Capture human emotion, live as it happens.

Digital Interaction

Broadcasting gives your community the chance to interact with your brand as the broadcasts unfolds in real-time. Through the power of technology, your audience can interact with live chat, polling, gamification, instant downloads, and photo-exchange capabilities.

Online Streaming

Utilising an array of platforms over a multiple content delivery network, your communications can be streamed increasing visibility. From webinars, eCommerce, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, You Tube Live, On-demand streaming, Periscope, mobile streaming and more – there is no limitation to your broadcasting capabilities.

Multiple Angle Viewpoint

Visionair Media have the resources to capture every moment of your event. We have the right equipment, a multiple camera set up required for a quality broadcast. Each of our camera operators transmit your event to a centralised point. From this centralised point, our lead controller can add, edit and change multi-media, amplifying the broadcasting experience.

Two Way Video Conference

Visionair Media have the resources to capture two-way video conference capability. Our technology has the power to connect two screens into one LIVE broadcast. This is ideal for interviews, tours and multiple live streaming events.

Health & Safety

During COVID-19 and post COVID-19, broadcasting can be viewed as a suitable option for organisations who wish to follow through with events during restrictive times. Throughout such times, broadcasting can reduce health risks associated with a pandemic. Organisations can have the opportunity to produce a highly interactive virtual event.

Size Versatility

You can broadcast an event at any size, from workshops, conferences, meetings, product launches and more. Broadcasting can be implemented at any stage from small events to large scale events. Video production is a versatile solution for any event.

Broadcasting Live

Industrial Application

Broadcasting can be used in almost every industry and sectors. Some of the most used applications are as follow:

  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences
  • Live Meeting
  • Product Launches
  • Sporting Events
  • Educational Events
  • Workshops
  • Music Festivals
  • Religious Events
  • Government Functions

Visionair Media provide an end-to-end solution for all your broadcasting solutions across Australian in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, and Hobart. Our convenient solutions will allow your brand to reach out and engage with your consumers.

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