So, you’re looking for a creative, cost-effective videographer in Sydney? Well, it’s helpful to point out that not every video production house is created equally. Sydney is full of niche video producers, ranging in quality and size, and like many places around the world, it’s important to find the right fit when shooting your next project. For the benefit of our international friends who are making waves locally, and for local businesses who are looking at video, we have narrowed down the top 10 mistakes to avoid when hiring a videographer in Sydney, based on our 20+ years of experience.

1. Not using experienced videographers

Videographer in Sydney

Videographer in Sydney

Experience is key – this point is universal, really! Using a local provider with years of experience can make or break your production. An inexperienced videographer can halt your campaign before it has begun especially when it comes to on-set shooting, quality, and pre-production permits and applications. You can find yourself managing larger complications by hiring amateurs or inexperienced hobbyists. Ask your video person how long they have been in the industry and a sample of videos that they recently shot, and how they contributed to the sample videos – It is important to understand if they produced the video in whole, or if they played a minor role. Ideally, you want videographer who has managed the end-to-end process.

2. Cancellations due to weather and or events

When hiring a videographer in Sydney, a local producer who understands the area would be able tell you a lot more than someone who is from another state, or region. Sydney has had a barrage of poor weather due to La Nina, and now that we are in Winter, in true Sydney style the weather is unpredictable, mainly ranging from somewhat cold to wet and freezing – and most Sydneysiders will agree with this sentiment. As for the forecast, most operators will tell you that, on some days, on a day that it’s predicated to rain, the chances of it raining are actually quite slim. Locals can give you a better understanding of weather changes which relate to your anticipated production date. Most qualified media drone operators have a better understanding of the conditions due the nature of aviation – if your videographer can advise on this, this is a bonus. Sydney is also famous for great public events like Vivid Sydney the New Year’s fireworks, hiring a local can really help logistically especially when you need to plan around these showstopping events.

3. Sourcing locations and managing licenses and permits

Permits, applications, talent models, and logistics can be extremely hard to manage internationally or interstate. When you hire a local quality videographer, they bring their expertise, contacts, and network. Managing council permits and CASA applications can be easier when dealing with a production house which has driven down the same track, time and time again. They would also have go-to influencers, models, production staff, caterers and talent teams which can be assembled quickly and efficiently. Managing government approvals can be like banging your head against a wall so, you are better off hiring an experienced videographer in Sydney to manage your next project.

4. Understanding the videographer market in Sydney

Sydney is a full of creatives, from photography, editors, video producers and graphic designers. The market is definitely not short on ideas, but this aside, it is crucial to hire the right team for the job. With an abundant supply of creatives available, the Sydney market is known for its niche producers so, managing different aspects of your project can get complex and time-consuming. We recommend a full-scale production house to manage your project, one which develops your project from idea to market – inhouse. Again, local producers can tap into their network or team and develop something which hits campaign objectives and ROI targets.

5. Managing talent releases and influencers

Model at video shoot

Model at video shoot

One of the most important features to a great shoot is using the right talent models for the job. Using a local team, again comes with its benefits of established relationships. Most quality production houses have established reputations and relationships with groups which are diverse in talent from local influencers, bloggers, presenters, or models. From a brand perspective, using the right talent for a project can amplify your brand instantly. When developing a killer campaign, allocating the budget for partnerships with local celebrities or influencers can increase engagement by ten-fold. Your key to utilising this approach is by working with a reputable video production company with inside contacts.

6. CASA applications and aerial operations

Aerial drone video

Aerial drone video

Sydney is one of the Australia’s most vibrant and visually captivating cities. So, it’s no wonder why organsiation want to shoot from the sky down – from Bondi beach to the CBD skyline and more. When sourcing a videographer in Sydney, you should check drone credentials. Commercial drone operators must legally obtain a license through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Such license allows operators to fly commercially with cinema grade equipment in particular areas and enable the operators to make applications to fly in certain restricted spaces. There are strict rules relating to work conducted to proximity of the public, and it’s important to note, unlicensed operators and their clients can be liable for offences which contravene legislation and aviation policy. Hiring an unlicensed operator is not only a safety issue but it can leave your organisation open to unwarranted scrutiny.

7. Filming in iconic areas of Sydney

Filming in iconic areas in Sydney, such as Darling Harbor, Opera House, Bondi Beach, the Rocks and more, can be show stopping, literally. When hiring a videographer in Sydney, it is vital they understand the local area including the ebbs and flow of traffic. Licenses and applications aside, shooting in high traffic areas can get extremely busy with tourists and whilst you may get certain approvals to close off high traffic areas, you need to be strategic with time and the local know-how is a must. An experienced Sydney videographer should be able to set expectation and provided alternative options to busy hard to reach areas.

8. Time and duration of video shoot

Shoot at Bondi Beach

Shoot at Bondi Beach

Producing a video can be timely and costly. Before you start your next project, check in with your video team to ensure a clear timeline is allocated for your project. This is tremendously important when you have a campaign event deadline, or when you have an allocated slot for television. Generally speaking, experienced videographers will give you clear timeframe for production works and dates for when a final asset is deliverable. Using a full-scale team means that the work is progressed in-house opposed to an agency model where work can be sub-contracted out – again this can put further delays on your campaign launch.

9. Low-cost videographers in Sydney

The market is currently full of videographers who offer services from a range of different quality points. For the most part, if you are on a budget, you could find a video producer who can produce assets accordingly however, you should always take the opportunity to their work as low-cost solutions don’t necessarily relate to quality services. Visionair Media take a different approach, we are transparent with pricing, and we employ various methods to ensure projects are economically executed without tarnishing quality. Some of the most important features you should weigh against cost and quality is; level of experience, concept, equipment and previous work. These variables will give you a good indication of whether you’re in good hands, or not. This is important as you don’t want to fork out additional expenses to re-do the work.

10. Getting it right the first time

This last point is once again, universal – you want to engage a quality videographer who gets it right the first time! One of the best ways to get the most out of your video production team is to communicate what you are looking for, or by providing your team with campaign objectives. Every project has its own set of complexities, and it is crucial to take your time and review your project to find the right videographer for your next campaign.

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