Catering to market demand Visionair Media has successfully launched a marketing division to help Australian businesses grow and develop during COVID-19. With the aim to reshape the future of business and society, the Visionair Media team combine years of marketing experience in combination with in-house media production services.

From its inception Visionair Media have moved from strength to strength, from photographers to a full-scale media production house to todays present date, marketing innovators. Coming from a production background as media producers, the Visionair Media team can innately control the scope of all your marketing communication channels, placing thought and imagery at the forefront of every campaign. The team at Visionair have worked with some of the biggest names and boutique brands in Australia, keeping you in good hands.  

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Utilising years of marketing expertise and media production, Visionair boasts there are many benefits of working with the team for your next project. With many marketing organsiation outsourcing media production, Visionair can control these variables in-house, meaning an efficient reduction of cost in quality marketing outputs. We have an array of innovative services from cinema quality video production, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approved drone operators, digital strategy to competitive strategy. We have access to great network of professionals and quality technology.

One of the salient features of change in the Visionair way of thinking was the current mindset of our customers. Thanks to the ever-competitive world of business, each different brand we interact with is at a different stage of their life cycle – some being young, developed or in the late stages of maturity. We came to the realisation that depending on your brands stage of life, your brand needs change. This importantly includes the need for marketing.

Some brands have a highly developed marketing communication strategy which we can successfully execute through media production. In contrast, some brands tend to require support in articulating their marketing communications strategy. We found that in providing marketing services, we can cater to a broad range of different customers at different life stages.

We can support their needs in marketing services and media production as the two streams have a close connection to one another. We are here to execute your marketing goals, or we can help you develop a strategy no matter what stage you are in. Ultimately, our customers can choose their own level of commitment depending on what stage they are at and we can cater to this demand.

COVID-19, the rapid advancement of technology and globalisation has solidified the catalyst for change for Visionair Media. The Visionair team are excited to meet the market demand for marketing services due to the rapid advancement of technology and competition. Importantly, globalisation has played a major role in shaping new industries and we have always sought the need to keep up with the market. The final layer was COVID-19. The pandemic re-calibrated our position as a business as we noted the need for quality marketing service for Australian business.

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