With so many businesses online all competing for the same consumer dollar it can be hard to stand out. Even though your company might be smaller than most, there are some ways you can help your brand grow. For example, you could use video and photography to create brand buzz online that will help elevate your products and give you stronger brand recognition.

So how do you go about creating buzz for your brand?

First, you need to understand what story you want to tell, how you wish to say to it and most importantly how you are going to communicate it to your audience.

Putting a blueprint together will help you brainstorm your ideas. From these thoughts you can then decided how you could best tell the story. For instance, would photos or video be the better medium to use or would both forms of communication be best?

Most brand campaigns include both video and photography to help generate buzz. The reason for both mediums is because most of their audience live across multiple channels. Channels may include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Email. When working on your campaign consider telling the same story various ways using different video and photo assets. By doing this, you can publish your content on different channels. This custom look will engage your audience and at the same time keep your brand on point for the specific platform.

Now you have a plan put together, you should think about the type of photographs and video you want to create. We have put together three tips to think about that can help you generate some brand buzz for your business.

Use lifestyle images to keep your products relatable.

Something to include in your campaign is lifestyle photographs. If you have a product that requires any interaction then having a relatable image can make a huge difference. To create brand buzz around your product select an appropriate environment to take photographs. Just make sure the context is relevant to your audience.

Use relevant imagery to help tell a story for your brand.

For instance, if you are a sunscreen brand, think about the sort of photographs you could take by a swimming pool, the beach or an outdoor event. Each location will tell a different story and cater to a diverse audience. At the beach, you might target families (mothers and fathers) on Facebook, whereas an outdoor event could be better suited for a younger audience on Instagram. Both your photographs and videos should reflect their audiences you are marketing to.

Whatever photos you do take, ensure you include three formats horizontal, vertical and square. The reason for the different dimensions is each platform handles images differently. Sometimes it’s best to have a photo taken in multiple orientations just in case you need the image later in a follow-up campaign.

Use an influencer to help develop your brand and gain trust.

Something many brands don’t do well is engaging with influencers. Influencers are individuals who have a created a large following online in a given genre. They might influence fashion, tech, travel or another specific niche.

Engaging with an influencer early in your planning stages is crucial. Many influencers need time to work your product into their schedules so communication and planning early on is recommended. Once you have established whom you wish to work with negotiate a fee or an exchange of product for their services. Then sit down with them to discuss what vision they have for your product.

Engaging with an influencer can help create brand buzz.

These influencers know their audience. It is essential to develop some trust as they are more likely to generate more brand buzz than you could. Try developing an idea to use the influencer in video and photographs. By doing so, your brand or product will have the best chance of reaching a highly engaged audience. To track your sales or campaign, we recommend creating a unique coupon code that your influencer can provide to their audience.

To create brand buzz, include your audience in the video or photographs.

Like using an influencer, involving your audience in your campaign photographs and video can help build trust and loyalty. Many brands including insurance companies and banks do this. Your customer’s stories are sometimes better than a one that arrives via your marketing department, so embrace them. Contact your customers and ask if they would like to be involved in your next campaign.

Telling their story on your social media channels engages the community and is a sure way to gain new customers. Just ensure you keep to your brand guidelines and style guide. When you keep things consistent and have a great story to tell, over time you will build some excellent buzz for your brand.

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