The process of¬†vlogging¬†has become a huge sensation¬†in Australia over the last few years in a time when blogging requires more interesting media to stay relevant. While blogging never goes out of style, just writing textual blogs isn’t always enough to attract readers; viral videos can help. This often occurs when faced with writing about a boring subject.

Even if you’re a product manufacturer promoting a new product, videos can help. For example, perhaps the product is industrial in nature or has overly complex parts to explain.

Detailing this in a blog could become a bit tedious to the reader without adding a complementary video. Take a look at these steps to successful video blogging so you can create a potentially viral video for a new product you’re developing.

Explaining What Problem Your Product Solves

When introducing a product to the public, a sure way to pique interest is to talk about a problem the product can solve in a consumer’s life. This is your video introduction to capture the viewer. Just be sure to know exactly what demographic you’re trying to reach and what their typical pain points are.

Once you know, you’ll be able to compellingly address how your product can realistically solve the problem without fail.

Demonstrate what this typical problem is and don’t exaggerate it. Don’t make it like an infomercial where you overdo the reaction to a problem others might not think is a big deal.

Demonstrating How Your Product Solves the Problem

After establishing what the problem is, it’s time to show exactly how a problem gets solved when putting your product to use.

The complementary aspects of the written word and your video can work well together in this regard. Some of the more technical steps you can easily outline in text. Anything you can’t explain well in words can go in an adjoining short video demonstrating what certain features do.

It’s essential to make the demonstrations easy to understand, which may involve numerous extreme close-up shots. You’ll need a professional video crew to ensure each shot is clear and not obscuring details.

Most importantly, be sure to make the video simple to view on a mobile device. Most people now watch video blogs on mobile.

Behind-the-Scenes in How You Made Your Product

Consumers want to know the background of your new product, like the materials it’s made out of, or what the production process was.

Transparency like this is a good way to establish trust for your product development company. Doing vlogging ultimately allows you to humanise your employees and turn them into potential video blog stars in their own right.

Most vloggers are popular because it shows them offering the viewer¬†something they can use. Whether it’s how-to videos, or just reviewing products, providing value is what it’s all about.

Take the viewer into your company and show how you make your product to bring the above sensibility. If you make the production different by adding a little humour, it could easily go viral.

Finding a Good Story to Tell

Next, consider the storytelling angle to your¬†vlog. This usually comes through testimonials from the people who’ve beta tested your product.

Storytelling can also come from you and what you did to start your company. It’s here where video works well rather than going on too long in text about your background. Placing links to more expansive videos in your text allows you to elaborate with visuals when it’s necessary.

For your story, don’t be afraid to use some honest emotion since¬†videos with emotional content often go viral. Your own emotional backstory may relate heavily to the demographic you’re trying to attract.

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