Photography has many different categories, and one of the most interesting is lifestyle photography. If your company is used to terms like “corporate photography,” or overly formal headshots, lifestyle photography humanises your corporation like no other.

In this category, you’re capturing portraits of people in everyday situations to show life as it is. It’s a form of photography that’s becoming more popular because it brings the art of storytelling to marketing.

Those of you who own a marketing agency in Australia could bring a new dimension to your own marketing campaign using this photographic method.

What Kind of Clients Do You Serve?

Before you start using lifestyle photography, it’s a good idea to remind yourself what kind of clients you serve. If you help small businesses with online or offline marketing, you likely have an audience in mind to market toward.

Almost any type of businessperson is going to have a story behind their organisation. Finding a story is a perfect way to start before you hire a lifestyle photographer. It’s important for your photographer to meet with your clients as well so they discover what those stories are.

The photographer is going to become responsible for capturing these clients in everyday life so you can prove what kind of problems you solved. Demonstrating in photographs the challenges your clients faced before working with you can become a major testimonial page on your website.

Don’t forget that our services also include video to expand your storytelling exponentially.

Capturing Your Own Team Through Lifestyle Photography

To properly market your marketing agency, you also want to present yourself as human. Marketing companies like yours might often get deemed as overly formal rather than human beings with real personalities.

The B2B industry is often similar, though they’ve managed to see the value in using marketing videos to overcome this. Sometimes it involves using a little humour to remove the buttoned-down mentality.

Your marketing team likely has stories to tell as much as your clients. Using lifestyle photography to show your marketing team at work brings more transparency as a way to attract new clients.

What kind of photographic scenes could you capture to make your marketing team look more interesting, including representing their creativity?

Presenting Your Marketing Team At Work

One of the best ways to persuade other companies to want your marketing services is to present your staff doing their jobs. Doing a series of photographs showing them brainstorming for ideas, and creating those ideas, can become a compelling way to promote yourself.

Capturing these creative brainstorms in the moment is the most important because it’s real life. This is what lifestyle photography is all about: presenting a day in the life of what your marketing agency does.

To expand on this, you can cover every department and do a series of photos showcasing what their tasks are. Rather than have them pose, allow them to merely go about their business and allow the photographer to capture their movements.

Conveying candid moments in still photos gives a lot of surprising results.

The Feel of a Product

Another major part of lifestyle photography is to capture the essence of a product before it’s launched. Maybe this sounds like a corporate photography extension, but it’s really not. Presenting a product in a way that shows its true usefulness is a different photographic method from showcasing product texture.

A great way to promote your marketing company in photographs is to present how your marketing helped a product succeed. It’s possible to do this by correlating your marketing content with the product for context.

Again, as a testimonial, there isn’t anything more valuable.

At Visionair Photography, we provide lifestyle photography for companies throughout Australia. Visit our website to learn more about how we can make this effective for your marketing needs.

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