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We work tirelessly to bring to you content that will be interesting and useful at the same time. The information we provide in our blog has been carefully researched and put together by either Jim Moustakas or specialist researchers in relevent fields.

Real Estate Drones

real estate drones real estate drones If there is one industry that is great for real estate agencies, it is drone photography. The role of an estate agency is to make a property look its very best and aerial photography and videos are the new gold standard for...

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Do-good Drones

good drone good drone At VisionAir, we are passionate about the possibilities drone photography in NSW allows and spend a great deal of our time working on such projects. There are however, a myriad of uses for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that could revolutionise...

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Stunning Aerial Photography Worldwide

Stunning Aerial Photography Stunning Aerial Photography A new drone photography portfolio released by New Zealand based Amos Chapple serves to illustrate the beautiful angles and vistas that can only be obtained from above. Chapple traveled the globe, visiting some of...

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Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Best Face Forward Put Best Face Forward In the digital world we live in, your photograph will likely represent the first time a client or potential client sees you. We all strive to make the best impression when we meet business associates in person and the same...

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Shooting the City

shooting the city with drone shooting the city with drone The famous saying, 'you can't see the forest for the trees' refers to the fact that we often don't get a holistic view of the world we inhabit because it has somehow been impaired or obscured. There could...

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Aerial Inspection Revolutionised

Aerial Inspection Revolutionised Aerial Inspection Revolutionised The number of applications for aerial drone photography is probably surprising even to the pioneers of the technology. Light weight, highly maneuverable and fitted with the best equipment available, a...

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Hollywood Drones

Hollywood Drone Hollywood Drone Given that drone photography has revolutionised the way in which we take images and view the world, it will come as no surprise that the technology has been embraced by the directors of blockbuster movies. Drones facilitate experimental...

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Drones Underground

Drones Underground Drones Underground If anyone was in any doubt as to what the drone photography industry has to offer, a recent visual adventure in Vietnam should dispel these once and for all. A team led by drone photographer, Ryan Deboodt, captured some stunning...

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