Succeeding in business today is much different than it was decades ago. With the explosion of technology such as product video, the internet, and social media, businesses have a whole host of options to make their brand shine. Inbound marketing has pretty much taken the place of traditional advertising because it is customer-centric. By providing customers (and prospects) with the information they want, businesses are positioned to be top of mind when consumers move down the sales funnel.

No matter what your marketing strategy is, you will want to use corporate videos as one component. According to the statistics, 87% of marketers are implementing video content. Afterall, people spend approximately 500 million hours a day watching YouTube video productions. YouTube videos are just one way you can connect with consumers. Here are three different types of videos that will give your business a boost.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are brief – usually around 60 seconds – and make use of some animation. These videos explain what your business product is, or what your service does in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. It blends text, music, characters, and narration into a catchy video that attracts attention. Businesses often choose this style for their product videos because they are visually interesting. Research indicates almost half of users will respond after viewing a video.

Corporate Product Video

Most businesses have meetings, conferences, or presentations from time to time. Presenting a polished corporate video or presentation video brings credibility to your brand. During a business meeting or conference, you can present a video highlighting your points in a more captivating manner. People will go away from the meeting with a better understanding of your message.

Aerial Videos

If you have a stunning business property, large warehouses, or multiple buildings, you would benefit from an aerial video. Using a drone, aerial photography captures the total picture of your business. Aerial videos allow consumers to see the layout of the property, the buildings, and land. An aerial perspective adds depth to a commercial or advertisement.

What actual benefits might you expect by implementing videos into your marketing strategy?

Enhance your brand

Your brand image is solidified with video productions that reflect your business personality. You can weave in company colors, logos, and images that promote your business brand.

Stick in the Consumer’s Mind

You want people to remember you. In the sea of millions of businesses on the web, you have an opportunity to stick in the consumer’s mind. Most people tend to forget what they read. However, 95 % of video content sticks with them.

Connect with the consumer

A product video has the ability to evoke emotions and create emotional connections with your audience. Videos bring your message to life. They put life in a message, and all of this makes the consumer connect to your brand.

When determining what platforms to use for your video productions, you need to think about what platforms your audience would most likely already be frequenting. Most people are familiar with the common social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, but there are others as well. The Vimeo platform is a video sharing network that performs in line with YouTube. The main distinction between the two platforms is that Vimeo is considered more artistic or creative. It may be more common to see a short film on this platform. Whatever places you choose to publish your video productions, you can use the analytic tools to gauge what platforms are performing best and what videos are getting the most attention, as well.

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