While you may think Sydney is the dominant city in Australia, Melbourne is nearly as strong in economic power. With a proven track record of commercial success, and accounting for a quarter of Australia’s economy, Melbourne is the perfect city to run your business.

The problem is the competition you face is likely fierce. Some of the biggest company names have their headquarters here, making it doubly challenging to stand out.

As a result, your marketing campaign may need an adjustment this year. Perhaps using lifestyle photography in this new campaign doesn’t sound immediately attractive. You’ll be surprised when applying the techniques of lifestyle photography.

Finding a Skilled Advertising Photographer

Those of you new to the concept of lifestyle photography should learn about how it can help your Melbourne business thrive. It all starts by finding a proper advertising photographer who can do this type of photography for you.

Lifestyle photography is basically capturing ordinary situations in an artistic way. In other words, it means photographing your company and its employees in a way that depicts real life to avoid stiff posing.

Rather than invest in overly staid corporate portraiture, you may want to present a series of photos showcasing your employees doing their jobs.

To capture this effectively, you’ll have to search for a skilled advertising photographer. What should you look for to ensure they bring real-world experience to their photography skills?

Ask About Their Company Niches

What kind of businesses does the lifestyle photographer work for in Melbourne? Perhaps you’re a property developer, a product manufacturer, an architect, or a retail store. All of these are specialised industries that require significant attention.

Your advertising photographer should have extensive experience working in these fields so they truly understand how to approach your photography.

For instance, they’ll already know the roles of your employees so they can best capture them doing their jobs during photo sessions. They’ll make you and your staff look like real human beings dealing with real-life work situations.

Asking to See Their Prior Work

The above business niches are very plentiful in Melbourne, especially architecture. No doubt the advertising photography team you’re considering did some work for these firms or companies. Before you sign a contract to do your corporate photography, ask to see proof of their work for past clients.

Don’t hire a photography team without seeing the results of how they approach lifestyle photography. Even though art is subjective, they should demonstrate the ability to capture everyday situations in a compelling way.

Did they truly capture the essence of a company brand through photos of employees and even customers? Could you determine exactly what the company does based on viewing just a few photos?

Take some serious time to study their portfolios before making any decisions.

Creative Ideas For Your Photo Session

You’ll want to consider some creative photography methods you can use to avoid looking too similar to your competitors.

Maybe some of your competitors have already done some lifestyle photography sessions in their marketing campaigns. Work closely with your photographer to come up with some unique approaches on how you can present yourself and your team.

In some cases, this may mean mixing photos up with short videos to tell a compelling story about your company.

Also, make sure your advertising photographer has regular involvement with social media. Posting your lifestyle pics on places like Instagram is one of the fastest ways to attract new customers.

At Visionair Photography, we’re an advertising photography team you can trust with years of combined experience. We now offer lifestyle photography for numerous Melbourne industries. Visit our website to learn more about using this approach in your new marketing efforts.


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