The amount of architectural talent in Sydney and Melbourne is tremendous. But, as an architect yourself, you likely know how competitive it is. Trying to differentiate your architectural style from others can become a major marketing challenge. Even if you know your designs are unique, how can you effectively prove it to potential clients? Using lifestyle photography can add more luster to your marketing efforts. Either by ground or by air (via drones), you’ll clearly convey the work you’ve done in Sydney and Melbourne.

Take a look at how this style of photography works to market your architectural firm.

Capturing the General Feel of the Area

Those of you new to lifestyle photography should think of it as capturing images of everyday life. In other words, it takes the ordinary and turns it into photographic art.

You may wonder how this works for architectural marketing. When you find a professional lifestyle photographer, they’ll ask for a map of the region where you’re designing your home or commercial building. The photographer scans the area at ground level to get an idea of the surroundings.

Then your photographer goes to work to capture life around the neighbourhood as a means of making the area appealing to your potential buyers.

Presenting the General Lifestyle of the Region

Once in the area, your lifestyle photographer visits various businesses in the vicinity and photographs people living out their lives. This might mean taking a picture of a nearby school. The marketing photographer might capture students walking to school or parents picking up their kids.

It can also mean going to nearby parks or cafes to present the lifestyle of local citizens. You’ll be amazed at what the photographer can reveal about locals who frequent these places. The photographer merely photographs these people from afar so the latter are at their most natural. Lifestyle photography means candid, which eliminates formality.

In busier places, like cafes, the photographer captures even more people. This gives a feel of the basic demographic living in the neighbourhood. If the weather is bad, it might mean the photographer visiting a nearby shopping centre to photograph people going about their everyday business.

However, the photographer typically picks a beautiful day to showcase people out and about near the building you designed.

Capturing the Area By Air

An innovative lifestyle photographer may use a drone to capture the area from the sky. Photos taken by drone requires special skills and proper licensing. When you hire your marketing photographer, be sure they have the proper credentials to fly a drone skillfully and safely.

The intention is to fly the drone at a particular height to capture a digital image for post-production. Later, the photographer works with you to add a digital representation of your building or home in the image. It provides a unique way to promote the neighbourhood while also promoting your building.

First-time visitors can gain a vision of what your building is going to look like in the context of the existing environment. In just one photograph on your website.

Using 360-Degree Photography

Another popular method of lifestyle photography is using 360-degree cameras to capture outdoor surroundings. Does your architectural firm have new apartments being built in Sydney or Melbourne? Your photographer can take a 360-degree photo with a drone. This method can be used in marketing. It gives prospective buyers an idea of what their view would be outside their windows or verandahs.

With digital technology, you can again superimpose your apartment into your 360-degree photo for a sense of realism.

At Visionair Photography we can achieve everything above for your architecture firm. Visit our website to learn more about our approach to lifestyle photography and the technologies we use to make it happen.

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