Trustworthy image and product profile

One of the main drawbacks many consumers have with ebay is the fact that they cannot see the seller and only have what they see on their screen to go by, in short trust must be established. To establish trust with the customer you need to do a few things, firstly you need to have great feedback and provide a professional service. Secondly, you need to display your product professionally and have professional product descriptions in place. After all, the only means to build an image of your business in the consumers mind is in fact visual. So to establish trust is to establish a professional image and nothing gives you a more professional image than professional product photography.   Ebay is a fantastic means to sell products to a huge audience of consumers, without actually leaving your home. There are a multitude of differing means to sell products online and ebay is simply an easy and cost effective manner that can be very effective providing you stand out from the crowd. The only problem with ebay is in fact the amount of competition you may have. So how can I increase my product sales?

Professional images

We have all heard the catch phrase “Image is everything…” in this case that could not be more accurate. What makes your product stand out from the next person’s product? You need to have a professional photographer take your product and make it stand out from the next persons. Your ebay shop needs to look professional, your products need to be displayed properly and each product profile needs to be unique from your competitors. The customer is not able to pick up the product and test the product; they are not going to be able to check it for inconsistencies, so you need to build a positive image in their mind to ensure that the trust is there to start with. A professional image will make the product leap off the page and etch itself into the mind of the viewer, establishing a positive image of your company.

More trust equals more sales

We have established how to build trust using professional photography for your ebay products but how does that help your business? Online trading is about making the customer feel like they are going to get what they pay for with minimum hassle and a positive image of your company will assist in this. Not only will trust be better established (which will translate to more sales) but your product will stand out from those of your competitors. If your product looks better than your competitors, then quite simply the consumers will purchase yours over theirs every time, providing the prices are competitive. The team at Visionair provides a hassle free service that can assist you in launching your ebay profile to the next level and make your products rise above the competition. Professional product photography is the only way to boost your online ebay sales and ensure you are at the forefront of the competition. The team at Visionair can provide you with expert advice and photography that will boost sales and increase profit margins, leaving your competitors well behind the eight ball.

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