Script planning is essential when creating a professional marketing video. Script planning ensures that your marketing video aligns with your overall marketing strategy. It ensures that critical messages in your marketing video stay on point and address your overall goals. One such message would be to raise brand awareness. Therefore, ensuring that your video marketing matches the theme and feel of your brand values. 

Why is a Script Necessary?

When creating a marketing video, a well-planned script brings the whole video production together. The script is the final plan that the entire production teamwork creates. This team includes the videography team, staff you may have involved in the production and also talent such as actors or voice over actors. Talent may also include staff members, brand ambassadors and even customers willing to provide a review of your products and services.

Plan your script

Script planning can also ensure that you have an idea of where animations, text, voiceovers and infographics will appear in the marketing video. Depending on the style of video, or if it is to be a series of videos, breaking the marketing video script into shorter stages is warranted. 

Ask Yourself: What Type of Video Should I Create From My Script?

In developing a script for a marketing video, you first need to think about what type of video you want. One style of production is to create a brand video. A brand video has a straightforward message that links to your business strategy. Having a strong and recognisable brand builds upon customer loyalty. Another style of marketing video is a lifestyle video to showcase products or services. It allows a potential customer to imagine themselves in the scenario.

Think about the type of video you create before picking up the camera

Customer reviews and case study videos are a common way to gain trust and engagement in a customer base. Using real customers to talk positively about your products and services in an authentic production. Your script planning must take into account these elements.

What Do You Want to Capture?

When creating a script for a marketing video, you need to think about the types of features or values you would like to communicate. What sort of mood will the final product have and how does this relate to your brand and values? Will you have a key speaker in the video, or will you rely solely on voiceovers and infographics? If your marketing video is to showcase your products, how will you best display these to viewers? If you choose to use a lifestyle setting, then how can your products stand out in that setting. 

Location, Location, Location!

In developing your script, think about the location and setting of the video. Planning to set the video on your business premises may add value to the authenticity of the video. Consumers can see your staff in action at their tasks to deliver the service or product you want to showcase. Alternatively, such a setting may be too busy, noisy or not have the correct lighting for a customer review video.

Find the right location for your video

Further consideration must go to the background and staging of the video. Furthermore, consider the placement of the speaker and additional talent. The benefit of script planning ensures that the production team manage the factors to achieve the best outcome for the style of video.

The final step is to draft a script. Don’t feel that you have to solve all of the problems in the first run. Begin by breaking up the script into components with a focus on the type of video you are developing, what you want to capture, and where you want to capture it. In creating a script for video marketing, also stay focused on your brand identity and values. These are the backbone of your overall marketing strategy. A consistent message builds brand trust and loyalty.

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