When developing any form of video to support your business marketing strategy, there are crucial elements to consider. While the use of social media platforms has pathed the way for self-made video, a far more accessible and cheaper option, it is not always the best solution to showcase your business and brand.

In reality, to produce a high-quality marketing video, you will require a capable and co-ordinated production team. Sourced either internally or externally to your business. Through the early stages of script planning, you will be able to identify the need for a suitable location, necessary props and people or talent to meet your needs. Above all else, consider the use of a professional agency to deliver a product that aligns with your marketing strategy.

Location Tips – Find the Ideal Location For Your Next Video

Choosing the right location to film your video is paramount. However, it is not always easy to manage all the elements a site has to offer. There are numerous considerations to the best location for your style of video. For instance, if shooting indoors, then you must consider the existing lighting and acoustics. A site may be large enough for the scene of the video and the talent, but is there enough space to accommodate a production team.

Scouting an outdoor location can really impact your video

Alternatively If your style of video is to be outdoors, then look for the right aesthetic to suit your video – picturesque, industrial. Again, consider the lighting and noise. Determine if there will be traffic or pedestrian impacts and be sure to obtain the correct permits for such an undertaking. 

Use Props To Compliment The Story

The use of appropriate props in your marketing video can make or break the mood, feel and narrative you are trying to portray. Props can add significant value to the authenticity of the scene of the video. Depending on the subject matter of your video, props convey a real-life setting.

Using props on a table can greatly impact the scene

Props can be any number of items, but consider some basic ones such as furniture, potted plants and decorations. Use interesting products with clean lines and colours. Work to create an aesthetically pleasing scene. The use of props in a marketing video can aid in selling a lifestyle that accompanies your product or service and allows the customer to imagine themselves in that lifestyle.

Employ the Right Talent

One of the most crucial decisions in developing a marketing video is choosing the right talent. Choose a person or people whom you will engage in speaking on behalf of your business, your brand and your values. They will become the face of your company for this campaign. It would be best if you choose someone who can work with your production team. Choose a professional, someone who has experience.

Find the right talent for your video

Remember what you are trying to achieve with your marketing video. Seek well-presented candidates that can speak to, and resonate with your target market. In turn, this will drive higher levels of consumer engagement in your next video production. 

Unless you have an experienced in-house production team to manage your production, handling all the requirements of a marketing video can be challenging. Fortunately, there are other options to meet any need your business may have. The scale of your campaign may warrant the use of a professional crew.

Use a professional crew

Such a crew can professionally work with your company to script and produce your video. They will support your business to portray your brand and values. Furthermore, they will deliver a suitable video to your target audience and drive consumer engagement and positive leads.

For more information on how Visionair’s professional crew can assist your next video production, we encourage you to speak to one of our producers. Contact us via email at info@visionair.com.au or call us directly on 1300 55 70 99.

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