In the digital age we are living in, video marketing has grown to become the most compelling way to engage consumers. Its ability to increase conversions and average order value (AOV), coupled with the high return on investment, makes it an indispensable marketing component. In fact, companies that use video in their marketing strategy report a 144% increase in purchase rate, which is quite an incentive to try this approach. 

But for you to enjoy the benefits of video marketing, it is important that you learn how to produce video that generates leads. Remember that if done right, video can become the most valuable approach that your company can use.   

So, what factors should you consider to produce a video that appeals to your audience? Here are five steps to follow;

1. Draft a Production Plan

The Draft Production Plan
The Draft Production Plan

The very first step to creating a video that compels is to develop a plan on how you will go about it. This helps to make the process smooth, especially during production and editing. This is also the stage you identify your goals and mission to come up with a plan that aligns with your ultimate objective.

You can begin by creating a storyboard that addresses what you will share in your video. Keep in mind your target audience, as this will guide you on how to structure your message. Equally important, keep your team in the loop so it can help you to point out any errors that might cost you in the long run.

2. Show Your Personality    


The whole purpose of producing a video is to showcase the personality of your product or brand in a relatable way. In any case, consumers are 80% more likely to buy a product if they can connect with the brand. Since visual content is more digestible, you should use your video to get your personality out in a likeable manner.

The secret to showing your personality in a video is making your brand the centre of the discussion. If you are selling a physical product, for instance, you can let your audience have a glimpse of the production process to make your content more relatable. Before posting the video, make sure to trim and edit the clips to make your transition natural.

3. Explain Your Product or Service

Product or Service
Product or Service

Your audience wants to know how your product helps solve their problems, and they can only understand it if you explain it in a comprehensible way. Experts agree that you should assume you know nothing about the product, and then explain it in a clear and straightforward way to make it easily digestible. Also, be sure to focus on how your product or service addresses the pain points of your audience. You can use pop-ups or video annotations to explain things that are not so obvious.

4. Incorporate Entertaining and Informational Value    

For you to realize leads through your video, you should create content that provides value for your audience. Keep in mind that the average human has a short concentration span, and if your video seems to be just plain and mundane, they are going to quit within the first 10 seconds.

Making your video informative and valuable will require you to offer the solutions your audience is looking for. Here, use demonstrations and picture-to-picture editing features to show how one can use the product or service effectively. You can also incentivize them by introducing a discount code or free trial. While here, remember to put a clickable link in a prominent place on your video for your viewers to act on it.

5. Title and Promote the Video

title and promote your video
Always create a catchy title and Promote your Video

After producing your video, the next and final step is to promote it. To make it visible, begin by giving it a great title, description, and tags. Also, invest some time in selecting a thumbnail that suits your video, as it goes a long way in convincing viewers that the video is worth pressing the play button.

Once you have cross-checked everything, export your video to all platforms possible, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t limit yourself to a single platform as you will end up constricting the number of viewers, which results in a low return on investment.

The Takeaway   

The takeaway from all this
How do you produce a video that generates sales?

1. Draft a production plan
2. Show your personality
3. Explain your product or service
4. Incorporate entertaining and informative value
5. Give it a great title
6. Promote the hell out of it!

For sure, creating a video that generates sales can be quite rewarding for your business. With video marketing being one of the most effective ways of reaching a broader audience, it is time you incorporate it in your marketing strategy to generate leads and realize higher profits.

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