The quality of a brand’s products/services, coupled with how well it packages its marketing message, are two key determinants of its success. Telling authentic customer stories has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. Through testimonials, brands are packaging persuasive, customer feedback that provides irrefutable social proof.

The success is mostly because majority of people rely on online reviews when researching products and services online. And given the power video content yields – due to its emotional appeal and engaging nature – video testimonials are toppling the scales when it comes to boosting a brand’s credibility.

Investing in video testimonial creation is a great content marketing strategy that has the potential to increase your conversions rapidly. 

In this guide, we discuss how to get video testimonials from customers.

1. Ask Them To Record the Testimonial

This is a straight forward method of obtaining feedback from your customers.

To get credible video testimonials, peruse through your customers’ feedback and sample the ones who seem happy about your brand. Then send them an email or call them and request them to record a video testimonial.

If they agree, give them guiding questions to ensure their story is substantial. Your interest is to capture authentic customer stories, and so the questions should simply help in giving the story some structure.

For instance, you can request them to talk about how your product/service has helped them, why they prefer your brand over others, whether they would recommend you to other customers, plus any other details that are relevant to their experience.

Then inquire whether they have the right equipment and give them tips on how to produce a quality video.

Note that you don’t have to restrict yourself to customers who have given feedback. You can explore other customers. However, this category is likely to send you video feedback easily.

2. Nudge Reluctant Customers by Explaining the Benefit of Their Video Testimonial

If you notice some reluctance in some customers, you can get them more interested in explaining the importance of the testimonial to your business. You can let them know that their honest feedback will help your business by informing the decisions of potential customers.

For B2B customers, you can highlight that their testimonial will expose their business to a wider audience, hence beneficial to them.

If they agree to record their feedback, give them guiding instructions like in category one above. Otherwise, you can offer to interview them.

3. Offer to Interview Them 

Sometimes customers may be willing to record the testimonial but lack the confidence to do so on their own. As you do not want to coerce them into doing something they’re not comfortable with, you can offer to interview them.

The good thing with an interview is that it takes the pressure off the client. All they need to do is avail themselves and answer the questions.

You can help the customers prepare for the interview by sending them the questions before the interview. This way, they can structure their story beforehand hence exude confidence during the interview, which is crucial in convincing potential customers.

Then arrange a schedule that works best for them and get on with the interview.

4. Through Your Website Using a Premium Tool Like Boast

The fourth method of getting video testimonials from customers is by embedding a testimonial collection code on your website.

Software like Boast is specifically designed for this purpose. With Boast, you can easily collect and manage video testimonials from customers on your website.

All you need to do is sign up for their program, then add a snippet code to your site to collect the testimonials.

Once the customers click on the testimonial request button, it will take them to the boast platform to record the testimonial. Then you can manage the collected testimonials from your account’s dashboard. That is edit, and paste them on your website or share it on social media.


Video testimonials have great potential in boosting your brand’s credibility and increasing conversions. Done well, they are valuable digital content that businesses can bank on for social proof.

It’s worth mentioning that the method you use to get the video testimonials from your customers isn’t important; what matters most is the quality of the video and how compelling the customer story is.

Whether customers agree to record the testimonials on their own, through an interview, or a premium software like Boast, as long as the content is credible and the quality of the video is good, video testimonials can give your business an edge and win more business.

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