Running a business which delivers products and services to consumers requires a video marketing strategy. A crucial part of this is to communicate your brand and how it stands out from your competitors.

Your brand is your identity, heritage and your values. It is something that you may live and breath, but do your customers know what your brand is other than a logo on a website? Do they know what your brand represents? What your values are and are you able to engage them long enough to tell them what your brand stands for?

If you are not using video to deliver your brand to your customers, then you are likely not to be engaging them nor capturing their loyalty to your brand. Brand video can turn that around and make your company seem authentic, relatable and a step above your competitors.

What is a Brand Video?

A brand video should have a straightforward message that links to your business strategy. Having a strong and recognisable brand builds upon customer loyalty. It also dramatically aids turning prospects into conversions. It aims to raise consumer awareness of your values, focuses, strategy and products. Ideally, you use a brand video to create a buzz online that will drive stronger consumer awareness of who you are and what you do.


Why Do This With a Video?

It’s a simple answer, video is dominating all top social media platforms. Customers are expecting to see video content to influence their decision making, purchases and brand awareness. Did you know that over 50% of consumers prefer to consume video over any other content? What’s more, they even prefer to watch your products or services online before they step foot in a single store. In most cases, they don’t expect high-quality video content. They would much prefer to look at relatable and authentic content. Through social media, you can produce this type of content quickly and have it seen and shared almost instantly.

Create the Right Mood and Sentiment.

Producing a brand video that will appeal to your market will drive customer sentiment about your brand and products. Setting the tone and mood is just as valuable as the message itself. The setting, environment and background audio will deliver an emotional response in a customer so it’s important to pay attention to this.

In Australia for instance, we love our humour and funny videos. We have a larrikin culture with a heritage that’s like no other country. By tapping into this identity your brand will increase consumer engagement. All of these mood elements will make a customer associate your brand with that positive feeling. So make it fun and memorable.

Customers Become Brand Ambassadors.

Through brand video, you can capture an emotional response from your customer or prospect customer. If effective, it can even drive employee engagement. Through social media, customers will talk about and share your video – especially if it resonated with them. They may have already purchased your products or services and had a positive experience. At this point they are likely to unknowingly become a brand ambassador. They will most likely expand the reach of your video for you through their own social networks. This type of video marketing is something money can’t buy – it has to be earned.

Social Influencers Celebrating Your Brand.

We have all seen video advertising where a local celebrity makes a cameo appearance or plays a key role. If we recognise and respect that celebrity, our engagement and appreciation for the brand will increase. Equally, utilising social media influencers can have the same impact. A YouTuber with a large base of followers and broad reach can play a crucial role in being a brand ambassador. YouTubers are highly relatable and for the most part, considered authentic.

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