Marketing in today’s competitive environment can be expensive and time-consuming. However, it does not have to be especially with free, simple to use, online marketing tools. We understand that marketing can be an expensive yet drawn-out-process. So, we have put together a list of FREE simple online solutions to make life easier.


Canva is an easy to use graphic design platform with seamless functionality and versatility. The platform integrates thousands of templates, images, illustrations in multiple formats and prints. Canva is an essential tool in a marketer’s toolbox as first-time user can create, presentations, social media posts, logos, menus and much more in minutes. The Australian based platform is used by many large international organisations to smaller SME entities. The tool is efficient, free and reduces the costs associated with outsourcing designers and content specialists.

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Answer the Public

Answer the Public is keyword tool that visualises questions associated with suggested autocomplete searches. Essentially, the platform is clever consumer insight application that can assist in strategizing content and understanding the consumer mindset. The tool is excellent for SEM and SEO purposes especially for blogging, content development, improving traffic and providing SEO services.

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Google Analytics is by far one of the most used free online marketing analytics platforms. Essentially, the tool is a web analytics service which reports on website traffic. Importantly, you can track website traffic, conversions, traffic origins and useful keywords to help improve your website performance. The free tool is an extremely help initiative by Google to help you strategize your online presence. You can master your approach to ecommerce or boost traffic to your website, prompting to more leads.

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Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a multi-purpose online survey tool. Marketers and business owners can tack and create surveys online. Surveys can be a useful tool, giving you the power to measure client satisfaction, track customer preference or it can be a tool to track leads all in one location. Survey Monkey is an extremely versatile application which can help execute various marketing campaigns. The basic service is a free service however, if you require additional features above and beyond the basic package, there is a fee involved.


Pexel is a library of royalty-free stock images which can be used for commercial purposes, free from attribution. Using stock images can be a quick, effective solution to for aesthetic purposes. Although we do not recommend the overuse of stock images, for elementary purposes such blogging, content production, social media marketing and presentation, stock images are satisfactory. We always recommend professional photography for brand authenticity purposes, but stock images are acceptable for basic purposes.

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On the entry level service, Hoosuite is free. Hootsuite is an automated social media posting tool which can post social media content. Widely used, the platform is a great way to save time publishing content. Social Media Marketing is a must do across all industries and these management tools are helpful for time pressed individuals. Although social media platform algorithms prefer direct posting, this solution can be acceptable one to time-strapped marketers.


Mailchimp brings you email marketing automation. This tool is another user-friendly tool which can execute, track, high-quality email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp requires an import of your contacts, which should be complaint with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), opt-in marketing requirements. Once uploaded and created your campaign, you can then connect with your audience via email. This is a useful service to send regular news updates, product launches and sale campaigns straight to the inbox of your customers.


Otherwise known as ABLIS, the Australian Business Licence and Service is a wonderful information service which can help business owners navigate compliance, licence and regulatory matters. This tool is particularly helpful when design new and different campaigns or venturing out into a new market or providing a new product category.

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