You know your business is fantastic. You put your heart and passion into making it the success it is today. Your product or service is tops. You give your customers the best. They know it. You know it. Yet, you feel the company has plateaued or hit some type of snag. Maybe it’s simply stagnant. You want to want to reach more customers so the business can move forward. Your customer base has diminished some and there haven’t been any new clients to replace them. What do you do? If this sounds similar to your situation, then read on for five ways video production boosts your company’s success.


We all know that videos get more attention then text. We know it instinctively. But why? Research indicates “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.” So, that means we take in and absorb video stimuli at a much faster rate than text. When you use videos on your website, you automatically attract attention.

Showcases your place

If you’re going to attract attention, then take the time to show off your workplace. Create videos that highlight the best features of your business. Let prospects see your building, tools, or items you work with. Introduce yourself and key members of your staff. A video production can show them doing their jobs competently. Potential customers will relate to other people.

Demonstrate your product or service

When prospects come to your website, they are somewhere along the buyer’s journey. They may be simply in the research stage, but wherever prospects are in the journey, it’s always the right time to demonstrate what you can do. This lets potential customers see firsthand how well your product or service operates.

Highlight testimonials

Studies show that word of mouth advertising is important. In fact, people tend to believe the report of their friends and family. According to Forbes, “In a recent study, 64% of marketing executives indicated that they believe word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing.” When prospects see customer testimonials, if they are done right, they can powerfully persuade others that you are trustworthy.

Provide value to your viewers

When viewers come to your website, they are not always ready to become customers – that day. However, if you consistently provide them with valuable video content, they will eventually look to you as a leader in your industry. Then, when it comes time to make the purchase or they need your service, you will be top of mind. So your job is to keep providing them with resourceful videos. Valuable video content includes things like educational information about your industry, how-to’s, statistics and data about things relating to your industry, new trends and ideas, and so on.

Promote your branding image

Every company has a branding image, which is the perceived personality of your company. What do customers think of your company? You can help shape the perception through video production. Promoting your branding image in a way that aligns with your values and business mission solidifies it for your customers. Consistency is an important element in branding. So, you will want to make sure your website videos make use of company colors, logos, music, and content are ways video production boosts business for your company.

Using video on your website is an important way to attract new prospects and maintain current customers. Keeping your content fresh and current is important as well. If this sounds overwhelming, it doesn’t need to. At Visionair Photography, we make your vision reality. Connect with us today for more information on for more ways video production boosts business success.

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