Selling products on Amazon is one of the greatest conveniences to making extra money without having to go through more complicated sources. While Amazon makes it easy to sell items and make a good profit, they leave it up to you to make your product look compelling.With product photography being an art form on its own, how do you go about giving a strong aesthetic appeal to your product imagery? Amazon has some specific rules, though it’s important to use some standard techniques to assure the image you use is amazing. As you’ll see, a lot of Amazon product photograpy has to do with lighting, clarity, and placement.

Avoiding Drawings or Illustrations

When people buy a product from you, they expect a real photo and not a drawing or an illustrative representation. If you’re going to sell well on Amazon, they expect you to use a real photo to avoid any misrepresentations.They also expect a professional photo and not one that looks blurry or taken hastily from your smartphone camera. It’s going to mean taking a little more care in how you light your product, including the proper background.It’s also worth noting Amazon doesn’t allow any text, graphics, or insert images within the initial product image.

Avoiding Digital Changes to Your Photo

Keep in mind all Amazon product photography need to stay real with no digital manipulation. One of the Amazon product photography stipulations is to not change any colors in the photo, especially when selling children’s products.The company considers any altered image a terms of service violation. As such, you’ll possibly end up being banned from selling anything more on Amazon.Since you need a real photo with no digital trickery, how do you go about making your product look good?

Your Background Image and Dimensions

As with most product photography, a white background is always best. Doing so always makes a product stand out without bright background colors becoming a distraction.Based on this photographic truth, Amazon expects you to create a white background. They also ask you to make the photograph take up at least 85% of the space available on the page. It’s a demand that makes sense when you consider how many people may view the image on a mobile device screen.Don’t just think everyone is going to view on a desktop. Make your images big enough to see every detail, including an enlargement option.

Assuring Image Quality

If you’re going to take photos of your product yourself, always use a digital camera if you can. When you do, it allows more pixels so the viewer can see more detail.Amazon expects you to use a photo with at least 1500 pixels and a zoom function. You can go higher than this in resolution, though Amazon scales them down to avoid excessive bandwidth.Always use professional lighting equipment if you can to make the image look more professional. To accomplish this successfully, you may have to hire a product photography expert to take the photo for you. They’ll help guide you on the best lighting options based on what your product looks like.

Presenting Different Angles

Yet another Amazon expectation to add at least four or five product images on your seller’s page. Each photo should present your product at different angles to give a sense of reality.All product photography today should try to mimic a real shopping experience as much as possible without tangibility. Presenting your product from numerous angles lets the viewer feel like they’re holding it in their own hands.Visit us at

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