We’re living in a time when drones are virtually everywhere for both recreational and business use. For marketing, many businesses now look at drones (or UAVs) to help capture things on video they couldn’t on foot. With the simple ability to attach a video camera to a drone, it’s possible to take footage of activities at refreshing new angles. If you’re looking to move toward using more video production in your marketing, consider using aerial video as an option.

It’s not recommended you fly a drone on your own without being a certified pilot. Flying one without a license is illegal, and not enough knowledge only creates risks. Working with a professional aerial video pilot is essential, and the creative video possibilities are endless.

Licensed Drone Pilots

A lot of video production companies now hire drone pilots to do video marketing for businesses. Here at Visionair Photography, we still do product photography, but also moved into providing aerial video services.

When you want to capture video footage of a special business event (either indoor or outdoors), you’ll have a certified pilot to do it safely. Piloting a drone on your own could cause serious accidents, especially if you’re not well-trained on keeping the drone under control. A falling drone could easily injure someone and bring a serious lawsuit.

So always check your pilot for their license. Our pilots all have CASA licenses to gain your confidence.

Capturing Footage Outdoors

A business event you hold outdoors holds a lot of creative possibilities with the proper video camera on the drone. A hi-tech video camera becomes essential to capture the angles and clarity you want.

The video techniques are considerable, though. When you want to prove your crowd size, you can easily do so with a high-flying drone as a post-marketing way to promote future events.

When you want to showcase demonstrations, you still can, using smaller drones at unique angles.

Capturing Product Demonstrations Outdoors

It’s not always practical to hire someone on foot to capture camera footage. Perhaps the outdoor location doesn’t have proper setups for video camera equipment. Or, you have such large crowds that it’s impractical to have a camera operator standing in the way during product demonstrations.

Smaller drones can hover over crowds, or in other remote areas. Thanks to powerful zoom lenses on quality video cameras, you can get interesting close-ups of your demonstrations from oblique angles.

Imagine being able to capture an omniscient view of your product demonstration, as if floating over the heads of your crowd. Using multiple drones with cameras, you can take multiple angles like a real TV production.

You can use this video for marketing purposes on your website later.

Capturing Events Indoors

Many drones today fit in the palm of your hand, showing you how small they are now. Thanks to video cameras being just as small, it’s possible to capture any activity going on in an indoor arena.

Attending a convention or holding an indoor event of your own can mean a lot of things going at once. Using small drones indoor helps in capturing these activities from numerous creative angles. By using this as a live event or as a marketing video later, you’ll be able to present activities with movie-level production values.

Imagine being able to fly over an indoor crowd, zoom in on a table of your products, or present a seminar directly over the stage.

Here at Visionair Photography, we’ll achieve all of this with our expert crew. No matter the location, we can make aerial video production work at levels you can’t dream until we show you what’s possible.

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