One thing you might pride your brand on is in providing unique products that differ from your competitors. When you’re fortunate enough to offer something standing alone in the marketplace, how do you go about conveying that idea? A generalised marketing plan promoting your industry might leave the impression to many you’re too similar to others.

Since differentiation is important in branding, you need some visuals to scope out your product features. Even if your products differ only slightly from a competitor, proving this in a video is the best possible action.

Using video production techniques, you’ll be able to highlight various things about your unique products.

Telling a Story Behind Your Products

One way to differentiate your products from others is to tell a compelling story about them. Using video production, you can do a lot of storytelling, though you’ve likely heard how you should make it brief.

Whether a series of videos, or just one brief product overview, it’s possible to bring a narrative to a product. A way to start is to tell about how you designed your product and why you created it. If you wanted to create a product to solve a problem, this is a perfect start to explain what kind of issue you can solve.

You’ll be surprised at what you can convey on video in just a few minutes. Emotion is certainly a popular formula in video production today, though don’t think you have to stay serious. Being funny is just as trendy in telling video stories.

Whatever your approach, make your product compelling and connect it to solving problems for your targeted demographic.

Introducing the Design Team Behind Your Product

Customers want transparency in how you produce your products, and interviewing your design team is another good video technique.

Approach this in laymen terms so it doesn’t confuse people with complex engineering jargon. If your design team interviews well on video, use them to explain in simple terms how you make your product.

What unique features do you produce that make you stand out? While you want to protect important trade secrets, indicating the basics of what makes it different from a competing product is always effective.

Don’t hesitate to use comparison charts of similar products for definitive visual proof.

Create something compelling when using video production, and your chances for going viral go up exponentially.

Customer Testimonials On Using Your Product

Hearing from customers who’ve actually used your product is the best video evidence you can provide. When you work with a production team, you’ll want to arrange time for your customers to visit a professional studio so you can use them on video.

Don’t always worry about customers being good actors. The more genuine and real they are, the better since it proves you’re not using actors as stand-ins.

You want to make the visual point that your unique product can solve a problem in a better way than a competing product.

Product Demonstrations

Video production doesn’t mean just staying in your business or in the studio. It also means capturing events you can use for video marketing purposes.

Those of you planning to attend an event (or setting one up on your own) should take a professional video crew with you. Taping these events allows you to showcase demonstrations for real-world views of how your unique products work.

Product demonstrations can become tricky, though, without a skilled video team. You need proper close-ups and camera equipment to capture every demonstration detail.

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