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We work tirelessly to bring to you content that will be interesting and useful at the same time. The information we provide in our blog has been carefully researched and put together by either Jim Moustakas or specialist researchers in relevent fields.

Why Choose Vision Air?

Our industry is at the forefront of both Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and camera technology - Visionair Drone Photography Experts. If you’ve decided that aerial drone photography in Sydney would benefit your business or organisation, the next step is choosing a team...

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Election Drones

Election Drones The USA presidential race is always big news around the world and the 2016 installment will be no exception. It looks likely that it will be unique in another way however… It might be the first election to be captured using aerial election drone photos...

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Hot Shots

Hot Shots Hot Shots Many famous philosophers and politicians have asserted that the end justifies the means and this is certainly true of drone photography. The end results of aerial photography can be stunning, one of a kind images, but the means present many...

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Product Photographs

Best Product Photographs Best Product Photographs Product Photographs Saves Businesses! Professional product photographs can have a major positive impact on generating business and we are here to reveal some of the industry’s top secrets on showcasing your products...

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Bokeh Background

bokeh background bokeh background Bokeh Makes Blurred Backgrounds a Clear Winner Here at Visionair Photography, we love sharing our expert knowledge with budding photographers. This month, we’re focusing on (excuse the pun) how to achieve those stunning and ambient...

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dronestagram dronestagram It shouldn’t come as a great surprise that drone photography, which relies so heavily on cutting edge digital technology, is also building a large social media presence and gaining plenty of followers. Much like Instagram, the huge online...

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