Maximising the power of a customer review.

Using customer reviews in your video marketing strategy is extremely important.  Already proven to be highly impactful. As a result, you should be incorporating such a solution into your video marketing. Scripted and highly branded video marketing solutions have a place. However, these can come across as ingenuine. Put an actual customer in the place, and the audience gains a higher level of trust with the business, product or services on offer. The brand value of your business has also increased.

Why is Video So Important?

A business that delivers products and services to consumers requires an effective video marketing strategy. A vital part of this is to communicate your brand and how your brand stands out from your competitors. Your brand is your identity, heritage and your values. A crucial part of developing your brand is to build loyalty and trust in your customers and prospective customers. Video marketing allows your business to engage and tell them what your brand stands for, what your products and services are. Furthermore, it highlights what others think of your services?

If you are not using video to connect with your customers, then you are likely not to be engaging or gain their trust. 

How Will Your Content Reach Your Customers Using Your Video Marketing Strategy?

Video is dominating all top social media platforms. Customers are expecting to see video content to influence their decision making, purchases and brand awareness. Over 50% of consumers prefer to see the video over any other content. Moreover, they prefer more and more to see it before they step foot anywhere near a business. They expect to see relatable and authentic content. Through social media, you can produce this quickly and cheaply and have it seen and shared almost instantly.

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Customers as Brand Ambassadors Tell a Better Story

Through customer review video, you can capture a genuine response to a customer’s experience with your products or services. The review, or testimonial, may have an emotional response – significantly highlighting the real impact on the customer. Through social media, viewers talk about and share that video – especially if it resonated with them. They may have already purchased your products or services and had a positive experience. They have, at that point, become a brand ambassador and are expanding the reach of your video for you through their social networks. As a result, your business can expect to convert more leads. 

Use brand ambassadors

Where Does This Solution Fit Best?

Customer review by video is excellent for any business. In an online retail experience, customers want to know that what they are buying is valid and genuine. Video review has proven especially useful in professional services. Industries such as legal, accounting, insurance and financial advice will best benefit from this kind of solution. Any industry that requires a considerable amount of the customer’s trust would benefit significantly from video reviews as part of their marketing strategy. 

Social Influencers Celebrating Your Brand Increasing Your Video Marketing Strategy

The use of local celebrities appearing in a video review can play a role. They can have a positive impact on the brand – consider the advertisements playing on monitors in chain pharmacies. If we recognise and respect that celebrity, our engagement and appreciation for the brand increases. Equally, utilising social media influencers can have the same impact. A YouTuber with a large base of followers and broad reach can play a crucial role in being a brand ambassador. YouTubers are highly relatable and for the most part, considered authentic. 

Use social influencers to help with your marketing

A video marketing strategy that includes customer reviews is key to building customer trust and brand loyalty. Whether you are promoting your products on your Amazon site or offering professional services – customer reviews in your video marketing strategy are key to standing out above your competitors. For more information on video creation contact our producers today.

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