Why use video for marketing? It’s a question commonly asked by businesses who haven’t yet implemented a strategy for content. Customers are wanting and expecting to see video content to guide their purchasing decisions. Research suggests more than 50% want to view videos over all other content. By adding the word video to an email subject line, customers are almost 20% more likely to view the content.

Social media platforms have the highest reach with YouTube and Facebook at the top of video use. More and more consumers are searching for videos of products before they even walk into a store. Consumers don’t expect highly polished productions (although it does help). Customers prefer authentic and natural videos that tell your brand story. Videos should be short and engaging so you don’t lose your customers attention.

What are the types of video marketing available?

There are many different styles of video marketing, each designed to deliver a different outcome. The key to all of them is to capture customer engagement. To build your brand you should build awareness and create greater marketing opportunities and conversions for your business. Here are some suggestions, trends and styles that you could implement for your video marketing strategy.

Creating video

Brand Videos

A brand video has a higher level of focus linked to your strategy. It aims to raise consumer awareness of your values, focuses, strategy and products. Your video marketing strategy is essential to your business strategy and building your brand, which is why they are extremely important to help build customer loyalty.

Expert Interviews

This video method involves interviewing internal or external leaders and influencers in your industry. Expert interviews like these can help build credibility with your customer base. These types of videos focus on case studies or testimonials. It’s true to say your most satisfied customers are your best advocates, so start with them as they can become your best brand ambassadors.

Filming expert interviews

Live Videos

Filming events, product reveals and promotions in a live format is one of the most engaging ways a customer can interact with your brand online. Premiering or showcasing your video in a live way allows customers direct engagement as they can comment and provide you with instant feedback. Live video has shown to engage customers far longer than pre-recorded video. This method can be a highly cost-effective tool with little pre-production and no post-production. The spontaneity of live video also adds authenticity to your customer base.

Demonstration and Educational Videos

Educational videos are best used to increase consumer knowledge of your business, strategy and products or services. For example, explainer videos help allow a customer to understand how the product or service can fit into their life. These videos focus on a consumer with a problem and how the product solves that problem. This kind of video can also be a vital tool for reaching your internal employees via e-learning solutions, giving you greater and a more organic reach.

Sponsored Videos

A growing trend is to utilise social media content makers and influencers to market your product. A YouTuber with a large subscription base could incorporate your product as part of a sponsored video or product review. This adoption will increase your business’s reach by gaining attention from a broader audience.

Creating sponsored videos with influencers

360º and Virtual Reality Videos

Your customers can view far more of the content with a 360º video. They can merely shift the field of view with a swipe or a scroll. In Virtual Reality for instance, your customer can be virtually placed anywhere and be allowed to interact and control their environment. This adoption of technology stays with them as they communicate with your product in an alternate form. Both of these formats are highly immersive forms of video and should be explored if you wish to reach a younger audience.

Just remember the higher the growth in the use of video marketing, the higher the insights your business can gain. Social media platforms provide for rich data analytics. If you end up publishing to these platforms the reach and success of your video marketing can be easily measured.

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