A case study video is a great application to show how your products or services work for actual customers. They highlight how your brand can also bring value to potential customers. Case study videos are similar to customer reviews, however, with a far more structured approach to how the customer’s experiences and expectations increased. Case study videos require actual existing customers to conduct an interview. Their stories are then stitched into a highly polished and impactful video. Your business and brand can share that story and drive positive engagement from prospective customers.

What Are The Goals For Your Case Study Video?

Setting goals upfront on what you wish to achieve with a video case study is critical. In most cases, you want to showcase your brand and how your business services or products helped customers solve a problem. A key marketing goal is to help drive potential customer engagement and create sales leads. Case study videos help to achieve these goals and also build consumer trust in your brand by using genuinely satisfied customers. They will become your brand ambassadors and share their story via their social networks.

Know Your Market

If you know your market base well, then you will have some ideas on some of the challenges and problems consumers face in your industry. Ideally, your products or services can help to meet that challenge and fix that problem. Understanding this is essential as it will drive your case study video to achieve success. Know what was life like for consumers before they used your product or service. Furthermore, with the right candidate, they create the story with a problem that they have. The aim is that this will resonate with other potential customer’s experiences.

Find a customer that knows you as your brand

What to Content Include in a Case Study Video

The crucial next stage in the case study video is to explore how the customer came across your product or service. Emphasise what their first experience was like in dealing with your team of staff or online interface. How was their journey and what would they like other potential consumers to know about it.

In turn, this will create the idea for potential customers of just how easy or streamlined the connection points are with your business. Moreover, what was their first and subsequent experiences of dealing with your interface, be it staff of online? How was their journey?

Most Importantly Tell The Customers Story

The most compelling component of the customer’s story is to focus on the solution and the outcome of their initial problem. They will show viewers how your business rose to the challenge and solved the problem to achieve success for the customer. Case study videos allow viewers to see how progress is possible and how easy the solution is for the customer. It showcases how your products or services were the best fit for this customer type – your target audience.

Tell the customers story

The Final Piece of the Video

The final case study video should represent a professional and authentic view of how the customer achieved success through your products, services and brand. The initial interview questions create the desired response from the customer. This content is key to a stylish video along with brand placement, use of music that matches the tone of the interview, infographics and text highlighted statements.

All of these components combine to make a case study video useful internally and externally. If shared with your teams, their engagement in their role will increase. They can share this video with other potential customers. Your business can harness social media platforms and target this video at the intended target audience. As a result, your company has created a case study video to drive brand awareness and potential sales.

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