When scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed, the first thing you’ll notice is that videos form the bulk of the content on those pages. While at it, you probably found yourself sucked into the videos. In today’s age of social media, video content is everything.

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A recent survey established that the modern consumer would rather watch videos than read long blocks of text. If you run a business, it’s best to make videos a part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why you need videos to showcase your brand and ultimately, build it:

Videos Increase Engagement

Incorporating videos into your website or social media platforms increases engagement and open rates. Your audience is more likely to engage, comment, and share video content compared to other posts. In this regard, it’s best to ensure that your videos provide value to followers. For instance, a personal trainer can increase engagement by creating videos on the latest health and nutrition trends. Such content is shareable and thus enables you to build your brand quickly.

Videos Increase Brand Trust

Most consumers think that a brand with videos in its marketing content can be trusted. Videos are the closest thing to live-action, which customers have when gauging the suitability of your products and services. They offer the best chance for you to get up close and personal with your customers and provide a visual explanation about your products and services.

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Video Contents Add Personality to Brands

Videos say a lot about your brand. They help you create an emotional connection with your audience and appeal to prospects directly. It’s best to model your video content after the target audience. Customers are more likely to relate to a brand and products that address their needs.

Videos Increase Retention Rates

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Today’s tech-savvy consumer spends an average of seven hours every week watching video content. It’s not surprising that Internet users spend more time on websites or social media pages with videos. Your company should capitalize on this to increase its awareness. Videos will not only draw prospects to your brand but will keep them on your site and social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

According to a Cisco report, videos will constitute more than 80% of Internet traffic by 2021. Search engines love video content, thus the need to make videos a significant aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Videos can work magic for your SEO, provided that they feature the right keywords, title, and a solid Meta description.

How to Make Your Video Content Work

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Including videos in your marketing content alone isn’t enough. You need to do so in a manner that strengthens your brand name. Here are some helpful tools for using videos as a brand-building tool:

  • Showcase What Your Brand Does

Videos should be used to appeal to viewers’ emotions. Highlight the tangible benefits of your products and services in the videos, and don’t forget to highlight quality rating and product specs.

  • Show Your Expertise

Consumers are more likely to trust your brand if you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in marketing videos. For instance, uploading ‘how to’ videos shows your expertise besides highlighting aspects of your brand that make it stand out.

  • Create a Video Library

Video marketing isn’t a one-off affair. Instead, it’s best to create a library of video content to address industry trends and similar topics. You stand to gain massive followership if you regularly post new content.

Creating video content gives you the best opportunity to get up-close with consumers. While you can produce some video content on your own, it’s best to partner with professionals to create videos that will be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. For world-class video production services, do not hesitate to contact Visionair.

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