Drones are revolutionising the world in more ways than ever expected. Originally a tool for photography and cinematography, it is fast expanding into multiple industries. Drones are all about making the inaccessible, accessible through the fast, efficient and safe application of single or multiple drones. The development of drone technology is receiving a lot of attention and research.                             

Drones are Revolutionising the World of Surveying

Drones are fast revolutionising surveying activities. Aerial mapping via drone is a fast and effective way to gather accurate 3D mapping data. They are gaining higher levels of information, especially in remote sites. Aerial inspection makes for a quicker, safer and cost-effective method of ensuring asset integrity especially in inspecting high sites. Aerial mapping is being on large scale mining sites. Farmers are using drone technology for crop and stock inspection. Underwater drones can function in the same way – removing the risk to human workers accessing underwater sites.                

Drones are Revolutionising the World

Drones are Great Tools for Safety and Survival

Drones have already been employed in Australia by Surf Life Saving services to save the lives of swimmers. Known as the Little Ripper, this drone dropped an inflatable life-saving device to two swimmers caught out in a strong current. They are therefore reducing the time for first response dramatically. Alternatively, a drone can be sent by emergency services to quickly and precisely deliver an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to provide critical cardiac care until paramedics can arrive. A further example that drones are revolutionising the world.            

Drones are being used for surf lifesaving on Australian beaches

Photogrammetry Requires Skilled Drone Operators

Photogrammetry enables photography and measurement of large areas. Drones and more specifically, their pilots are revolutionising this field as a drone can take high-quality volumes of images from various angles and distances from a point on a site. Software stitches together all of the images to form a detailed 3D map. The drone creates a scale by taking multiple photos of the same point in space taken from at least three different angles. A triangulation of the data allows for accurate, detailed mapping. Mining sites or significant developments utilise this technology.          

Growth in the Building Industry

Aside from the obvious benefit to the building industry of using drones for surveying, safety and photogrammetry, there are other opportunities. The construction industry could allow for a more hands-on approach as a drone can fly between and through existing structures. Also with accredited pilots, difficult site access isn’t a problem. The use of drones in this industry is increasing year on year. The result is a cost-effective solution and improvement to employee safety.                 

Drones are being used in the building industry

Drones are Revolutionising the World of Delivery Fulfilment

Another way drones are revolutionising the world is through delivery fulfilment. The days of waiting for Uber Eats to arrive via a scooter may soon be over. With the advancement in drone technology, a delivery company could fly your hot meal to you in moments, by flying above the delays. Alternatively, large online retailers are already exploring the possibility of product delivery. Platforms such as Amazon are investing heavily into drone delivery technology in a bid to maximise product fulfilment.

Drones Encourage Endless Possibilities

Drone technology is advancing every day, and there are new and exciting developments in what this service can deliver. Larger drones will allow for drone taxis to fly customers to their destination. While smaller drone hives mesmerise and amaze. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, 1,218 synchronised drones flew simultaneously and in harmony to form a night light show never before seen. Finally, there are the industrial and commercial applications of drones as described above. Drones are revolutionising the world and will continue to do so for the sake of safety, cost, efficiency and entertainment.

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