Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Drone Photography

A recent study, conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States, has examined and shed some light on the diverse use of drones for commercial purposes. No such study has been completed in Australia, but we imagine the findings would be very similar, illustrating the varied applications of aerial drone photography in NSW and elsewhere in the country. At VisionAir, we closely follow the aerial drone photography industry and will detail a few of the key findings from the report.

Real Estate

The most common commercial permits were granted for real estate use. Almost a third fell under this category, which highlights how useful the technology is for showcasing houses and properties. VisionAir already work closely with leading real estate agencies, supplying aerial drone photos to help boost the sale price of property listings, so we understand full well how much this service benefits homeowners and agents alike.

Aerial Inspections

A view from above also has many benefits for these industries. Aerial drone photos are of great use to those responsible for inspections and maintenance of infrastructure. Drones can get much closer to high or awkwardly positioned structures than aerial photography methods of old. The drones then relay high resolution images to operators and clients, who are safely on terra firma. Like all metropolitan cities, Sydney has a great deal of infrastructure, from utility networks such as electricity pylons to vast warehouse spaces, and VisionAir has the experience and technology to implement detailed inspections on your behalf.


It may surprise some people, but agriculture is one of the primary sectors utilising drone technology. Farmers can easily monitor crops using drone photography, allowing them to identify real and potential risks and accurately gauge the health of their fields. As the aerial photography specialists, VisionAir can help NSW farmers get the images they need of their agricultural land, saving a significant amount of time and money.

The use of drones, and drone photography in particular, will only increase as more and more industries discover how they can benefit from the technology and the imaging opportunities it provides. VisionAir are dedicated to advocating drone use for industries such as those listed above and any others that see value in our services. If you think you might fit this bill, get in touch with us today to find out how you and your business can take flight.

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