In the digital world we live in, your photograph will likely represent the first time a client or potential client sees you. We all strive to make the best impression when we meet business associates in person and the same should be true of your portrait. Your contacts will inevitably seek you out online before meeting you and your image will potentially be posted dozens or even hundreds of times, across various web pages and sites. You are, in effect, introducing yourself to the world, so it makes sense to appear in your very best light. And for that, you need the very best corporate photographers in Sydney… Vision Air.

Your portrait is more than a two dimensional image. It is important to remember that you are selling yourself, your business and your brand. How best to sell these qualities varies from individual to individual, which is why you need corporate portrait photography in Sydney shot by experienced photographers. The Vision Air team knows how to capture you or your staff in a way that accentuates their professionalism and, by extension, the professionalism of your business.

We are happy to offer suggestions on the stylistic elements of your portrait photography in Sydney. This may include your pose or stance, your expression and your clothing. We are perfectionists and want to capture you in a way that is most appropriate and beneficial to your industry or business.

One of the keys to great corporate photography in Sydney is lighting. The interplay of light and shadow plays an important role in how your photos are perceived by viewers. Vision Air corporate photographers in Sydney are both creative and technically adept and know how to use the contours of your face in conjunction with the lighting to get the perfect angle and capture the perfect image of you.

Creativity and technical proficiency must be complemented by quality equipment. Like all digital industries, ours is moving at a rapid rate of advance and Vision Air maintains state of the art equipment at all times. We have a vast range of cameras and lenses to suit any situation and lighting equipment to help you shine when you need portrait photography in Sydney.

An elegant and professional portrait helps you portray yourself in a way that best complements your business, helps you stand out from your competition and can open many doors of opportunity. It is amazing what a difference high quality corporate photography can make and Vision Air is the expert at making that difference.

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