In Part 1, we looked at how essential¬†product photography¬†is in introducing a product online. Even if you’re trying to push older products, using a professional product photographer should become a normal part of your marketing spend.

Besides the first five signs in Part 1, you have five more compelling reasons to invest in product photography that may go beyond what you usually think about.

1. Quality Photographs Signal the Quality of Your Business

Stop and consider that quality photographs of your product are really the core of how people visualise your established business or startup. Imagine a first-time visitor going on your online store and seeing a poor quality photograph of a new product.

They’ll take this image with them and automatically consider it a representation of your business. If you cut corners, customers may assume you don’t value them.

This psychological response needs serious consideration. High-quality product imagery is your calling card to a stellar first impression.

2. Your Product is Too Large to Capture in a Studio

Not all products easily fit in the palm of your hand or on a display table. You may have a fairly large product for use in the outdoors. In this case, you’ll need a professional product photographer with experience in outdoor photography.

It may even require a drone to capture your product outdoors at the best possible angle. However, the photographer is going to need a valid license to ensure the best possible quality and safety in drone photography.

3. Real Photos Personalise Your Business

Perhaps you’ve considered cutting back on your budget by using stock photos rather than real photos of your product. Don’t cut corners like this, because it takes away from visitors seeing the real you.

First-time customers want to see the real side of your business, which includes pics of your product being used. Displaying real-world uses of your product online can do a lot to convince someone they need to buy your item.

For transparency, this is a strong point in a time when consumers want more personalised shopping experiences. In some cases, this might mean using lifestyle photography to show your product in a different context from static imagery.

4. Having Trouble Being Found Online?

From an SEO perspective, product photography is a must. Maybe¬†you’ve realised because¬†you’re not using product images, it’s becoming impossible to get found on search engines like Google.

A lot of different factors go¬†into optimising product¬†photos so that you rank higher in search engine results.¬†Reducing file size image¬†is¬†one optimising technique¬†helping you considerably on Google, even if you don’t want to sacrifice image quality.

Professional product photographers have digital knowledge on how to do this, including adding appropriate tags so you’re more easily found on a local basis in Sydney.

5. You Want Product Photos as Versatile Assets

Don’t limit your product images to your website. Consider product photography as a major asset investment. When you have a set of high-quality product images available, you can use them in a number of places online to create buzz.

Social media is one of the best places to build your brand, including LinkedIn for B2B businesses. Posting your product photos there can get conversations generating across a wide digital spectrum.

Feel free to use those product images in blog posts or articles you write as well. Even offline, quality prints of your product image can go in brochures to hand out at trade shows or conventions.

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