Those of you working as product developers in Sydney are probably ready to start promoting your product this year through a carefully crafted online marketing campaign. Perhaps you have everything worked out other than what images you’re going to use of your new product.

If you’re still wondering how you’ll manage product photography, you’re already missing a big chunk of your marketing plan. Visual content plays a big part in how fast things move in online circles. In fact, stats show consumers are¬†40% more likely to share content¬†if it has an image attached.

In Part 1 of this series, take a look at ten reasons you need to invest in product photography now.

1. You Want to Give Consumers a Realistic Shopping Experience

When people shop online, they want realistic experiences, something that quality imagery always expresses. The more photos you post of your product (at different angles), the more interest you’ll generate.

What’s most important is to use high-quality imagery, something that requires a professional product photographer. If you can’t afford to invest in hi-def photographic equipment, a professional photographer will always have it available.

They’ll be able to consult with you on the angles needed to capture your product in the best possible (literal) light.

2. You Need to Keep Up With Competition

The business economy is booming here in Sydney, so competition is a big part of why you need to invest in product photography. It’s possible other businesses are creating products that are slightly similar to the one you’re introducing.

Differentiating your product from competitors is essential if you’re going to stay alive in the business world. Quality photography and video of your product will help set you apart.

When capturing images of your product, be sure to highlight exactly what it does to solve a problem. Doing so is the true art of product differentiation.

3. Colours Help Create Moods

Don’t forget¬†that colour is¬†a major part of marketing any new product being sold online. Hi-def photography is important for this because colour is also going to shape moods of the consumer.

You likely already know about the correlation between colour and psychology in marketing. The colours you highlight in your product are going to bring similar reactions. As a sense of branding, photography needs to perfectly convey the branding images you use so it sticks in the mind of the viewer. Plus, the more intense and realistic those colours are, the better.

4. You Don’t Have the Perfect Background

While some product photographers create their own backgrounds (using light boxes), you may not have access to the perfect studio setup. You may prefer using realistic backgrounds in your product photography, but you don’t have the right atmosphere to make it effective.

Backgrounds play a big factor into how a product is going to look. Lighting is a big factor in this as well. Because of your budget, you may not have the money to invest in proper lighting equipment.

It’s all the more reason a professional product photographer is your best investment. They have the ability to find the perfect background for your product, even if it means using a white background to highlight details.

5. Your Product is Different From the Ordinary

Some products have unique shapes or other characteristics that make them a challenge to photograph. Attempting to do this on your own could end up becoming awkward and making your product look unappealing.

Working with a professional photographer will help you find the perfect angles and approaches to make a¬†specialised product¬†come alive online. They’ll factor in other variables like how it looks in different formats, including on mobile screens.

Visit us at Visionair Photography to use our expert product photography services in Sydney. Join us in Part 2 as we look at the last five reasons you need expert product photography as soon as possible.

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