Best Product Photographs

Best Product Photographs

Best Product Photographs

Product Photographs Saves Businesses!

Professional product photographs can have a major positive impact on generating business and we are here to reveal some of the industry’s top secrets on showcasing your products and services!

As a professional businessperson, you know that your product photographs need to look amazing – especially when you’re trading online. Bear in mind that online customers cannot physically touch your products; they cannot pick them up like they can do in a store; they cannot have a thorough look at them before making a decision of whether or not to buy. That is why it is so vitally important that your product photographs genuinely impress your potential buyers. And that’s what we’re going to help you to do.

Professional Product Photographs Boost Sales – Jim Moustakas

Most people click out of a webpage after just 15 seconds, so your product photographs need to grab attention – quickly!

How frustrating is it for you when your photographs do not accurately reflect how wonderful your products actually are? Do you often find yourself wishing for a better way to showcase your products – a way that proves to your potential customers that your products are the products they should purchase?

It’s not a secret that many retail outlets in Australia are closing down. Sadly, these particular retailers are not evolving and moving with technology by utilising the power of the internet to drive customers to their products and their stores.

Whether we like it or not, the internet is here to stay. As technology continues to rapidly develop and progress, our purchasing patterns are following suit. Many of us now see the internet as our first point of access to the products/services we want to buy and many of us visit retail websites before deciding whether or not to pay a visit to the store.

That is why the retailers who simply wait for shoppers to walk past their windows are failing unnecessarily. That is why attention-grabbing product photographs are essential for success.

Think about shop fronts and how they influence your decision whether or not to enter a store. Would you be more likely to walk into a store with undressed shoddy manikins in the window display or a stunning display that elegantly showcases the latest stylish fashion trends? The answer is obvious, yet many businesses are making the mistake of not applying this selling concept online – a concept that’s absolutely vital.

We may have progressed from just store shopping to internet shopping, but the rules remain the same – we still buy with our eyes over anything else. The difference now is that we are getting more and more difficult to impress. With modern advancements in technology making nothing seem impossible, consumers have come to expect a certain standard of visual marketing. What would you think if a leading brand such as Nike or Reebok showcased bland and unprofessional photographs on their websites? What impression would you get from your favourite retail store emailing you amateur photographs of their latest items? It just wouldn’t correlate with the success of the company.

The internet is loaded with competition to your business. Get a step ahead by making your product photographs a class above the rest.

Photography is absolutely key to showcasing your products to the public online; therefore your product photographs have to arouse an interest in your potential customers. Whether you are looking to increase direct sales, boost customer enquiries or bring more foot fall to your store, having your products professionally photographed can produce lucrative results. But…(and this is a big “but”), amateur photographs simply will not cut it. Sure, you may have an impressive new Smartphone with the very latest camera technology, but a “selfie” of you wearing the new line of t-shirts you’re promoting just isn’t going to get your customers queuing outside your store (no matter how good you’ve become at mastering the art of self-photography!)! Similarly, a plain and lacklustre image of your product isn’t going to scream “buy me now!” above all the other plain and lacklustre images out there! Professional product photographs has become the “norm” for many successful retailers and customers are rarely settling for anything less.

You’ve got to be appealing. You’ve got to be different. You’ve got to be the best.

There is simply no reason to wait for your next customer to walk past – you can drive your customers from your website to your store by showcasing your product in its most desirable form.

As a professional photographer, I am constantly seeing firsthand the enormous difference that product photography makes. From the simplest of products through to the weird and wacky, professional product photographs really do enhance the visual appeal of everything – and anything! It’s also the “domino effect” of an eye-catching photograph that makes specialised product images so popular – no one’s going to read your wonderful item description without being captivated by its photograph first. In other words, no matter how well written your marketing material is, and even if you have “the website of all websites”, the first and fundamental interest of the buyer will always be one thing – the product they’re buying. The rest will simply encourage their actions.

In this day and age, where competition is rife and consumers expect more than just a shop window to influence their buying decisions, there has never been a more profitable time to show off your products, your retail outlets and your staff.


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