Sydney is a dream destination for the photography drones. The heavily indented shorelines and sheer sea cliffs are complimented by the gentle beach life with names like Bondi, Coogee, and Manly, the striking blue of the Tasman Sea contrasting with the urban environment just a headland away. It was a natural that those with a passion for aerial photography would find Sydney a perfect spot.

Photography drones are the most natural application of this new field, and their ability to execute flawless, high definition photos from a brand new perspective is what makes them so exciting. At Visionair , we have mastered the art of aerial photos . Our fleet of photography drones can be brought to bear across the city and outlying suburbs, for any manner of corporate or private event .

At Visionair, we live and breathe amongst Sydney’s aerial photography scene. The rush we feel when we offer our customers the first look at this new perspective has driven us to become the finest in the field. Some of the key benefits of choosing Visionair include:

  • The very latest in unmanned aerial vehicles, for the steadiest shot
  • The finest and most experienced drone pilots
  • Our cameras are top-of-the-line and kept in immaculate condition
  • CASA guideline clearance and adherence

Whether for private photos, a corporate event, or just for the new and novel view, Visionair is the choice for photography drones and aerial photography in Sydney .

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The country’s largest urban centre, Sydney is located on the coast of the Tasman Sea at the east end of New South Wales. The site of the famous landing of James Cook at Botany Bay in 1770, this area symbolizes the beginning of British interest in the southern continent. The city is known for its outstanding climate and the recognizable ‘shell’ roofs of the Sydney Opera House.

For superb quality aerial photography in Sydney, call VisionAir today on 1300 55 70 99