With many products being released all the time across many skews understanding the product’s technology and functionality can often be confusing. A product video can often be the saving grace in explaining what the product does and how the person should interact with the innovation.

Fortunately, there are many types of ‘how to’ videos a brand can produce to help explain the product. Each video will have a different feel, but ultimately the viewer can go away with two things. The first is each style of video will equip the viewer with product knowledge. Secondly, the how-to style video will offer peace of mind when they are thinking about purchasing the product.

What you should include in your how-to videos

To engage with your customer and teach them what your product does you need to tell them a few things. First, tell the story of your product. It would help if you did this in a human way that’s almost like reading a book. The video should have an introduction, body of text and conclusion.

In the introduction introduce the product by saying what it is used for. Then proceed to the ‘body of text’ and demonstrate three or four standout features that could benefit a potential buyer. Finally, add your thoughts on the product and why you think the product needs to exist. The entire video should be any longer than 2 minutes. Any longer and you will start to lose your audience.

Choose from three main types of how-to product videos to help teach your customers.

How-to videos should feature in a couple of places. Think about product pages, social media and EDM’s to begin with. Each style of how-to video will be different and depending on your audience; you could select one or more of the following genres.

How-To Videos

The first is one of the most commonly produced by videographers and marketing firms. A how-to video will help demonstrate to the viewer how someone should interact with a product. Genuinely scripted, a how-to video is usually a higher end production, set in either a studio or outdoor location.

Create how-to videos in a studio environment or in an outdoor location.

The video should also feature someone who is knowledgeable about the product. Actors rarely are featured in this type of video as they can come across as lacking the appropriate product knowledge. As this is the case a trainer, marketing representative or company spokesperson is the preferred option.


Unboxing videos have more of a relaxed feel to them. These videos are popular on YouTube as the majority of people interested in them want to know a few essential things. These include, what’s in the box and more importantly what the size, feel, and functionality of the product is like. You can lose these three key points in a still image, which is why unboxing channels are some of the most popular and engaging on YouTube.

Unboxing videos are a great way to showcase a product.

Product explainer videos

If you are after more of sleek looking how-to, then a product explainer video is what you might be after. Often these videos are produced from CAD 3D renders using Adobe After Effects, and can often be a costly and time-consuming exercise.

You will find though; these videos can be altered into TVC for television or advertising due to the high-end production value. What you will also see is narration and infographics across the length of the video. These creative assets help communicate the innovation to the consumer.

Decide where you will publish your how-to product video.

Once you have decided on the type of how-to video you want to produce think about how you will be publishing it. As a pro tip, if you approach an influencer to include in your how-to video, this can help as the influencers targeted audience will most likely be more engaging than your brand. Trust has already been built with their audience so that it could be a win for both parties involved.

If you are unsure of the production time frame or you have any questions relating to how-to product videos we encourage you to give us a call. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss how Visionair’s team can assist in telling the story of your product.

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