Kickstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

The results are in, and the evidence is strong. Video marketing is king and the time to invest in your video strategy is now. Business is quickly discovering that the use of video marketing is expanding and driven by consumer demand. Your customers now expect to see some form of video content before making a purchase. The video could be about your products or services. Unfortunately, some management teams refuse to invest in video marketing. They call upon several excuses and myths to bolster their claims that video does not work. Here are some of them.

Myth 1 – Our Customers Are Not Interested in Seeing Video Content

One of the most common myths is that your customers don’t care to see a video. The truth is that consumers will spend considerable time researching video content so it is therefore worthwhile investing in video. Your future customers will view content about a product to understand how it works. It is important for them to see how it fits into their life. For service-based businesses, they will watch a video about the customer-facing team and customer testimonials. The demand is there from consumers, and if they cannot find video from your business, they will go to a company that has already invested in video.

Myth 2 – We Don’t Have the Budget for Video. 

Management teams will often say that video is far too expensive and far above their budget. In truth, investing in video production can be costly and could form a crucial part of your marketing budget. However, there are various levels of video production achieved for varying budgets. The critical point to remember is that the return on investment will far exceed your initial outlay if executed well. Customers will notice your efforts. The alternative is that they won’t notice you at all. 

There is no budget for video

Myth 3 – Management Will Never Agree When Investing in Video

The management team will never agree with video marketing – a regular excuse heard when you know the stance of management in general. Your marketing team can shine with this opportunity. It is the role of the marketing team to convince leadership to invest in video as a core part of your marketing strategy. They need to show clearly what customers are demanding to see and why. Use analytics and the success of competitors to help gain leverage. By understanding the emotional barriers to video, you can use data and success stories to help shift those negative perceptions. 

Myth 4 – Time is Money, and We Cannot Afford the Time

By now, you must see a trend in how you can demonstrate to your management team the value in video. The myth that time is money, and we cannot afford your team to divert attention to a new marketing strategy is familiar. The reality is, video content provides value to your business in driving brand awareness, marketing awareness and conversions from call to actions. Have your team shift focus and invest in video and incorporate video into your marketing strategy. As a result, future video opportunities become easier. Creating an ongoing relationship with an organisation that can deliver continuous video for your marketing strategy makes good business sense. 

There is no time for video

The Reality of Investing in Video Marketing

These are just some of the more common myths, or reasons management will use to deny the benefits of investing in video. But given the rapid growth of video and the demand from consumers for video content, you cannot ignore it. Your role is to engage your leadership team and other key stakeholders to demonstrate the immediate and long term value of investing in video. If you don’t, then your competitors surely will. 

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