In our recurring blog series on lifestyle photography, we’ve shown you exactly what this category of photography is and what the possibilities are. When it comes to showcasing the everyday lives of people in specific industries, it doesn’t always mean within a city like Sydney or Melbourne. It can also apply to the travel industry: showing artistic photos of people having fun while on a cruise or in other destinations.

If you own a travel agency, you might want to consider lifestyle photography as a serious marketing option.

At Visionair Photography, we’ll successfully bring this style of photography to you, which you’ll see proof of through two recent clients.

What Makes Lifestyle Photography Work for the Travel Industry?

When hiring an advertising photographer, you’ll want to make sure they understand the lifestyle photography approach. You have a guarantee of that through us. We’ve learned to apply it well to the travel industry, exclusively for various agencies in Sydney and Melbourne.

This style of photography is especially useful for travel agencies because it provides more chances to capture human interaction. While the goal of lifestyle photos is to show people going about their everyday lives, showing them on cruise ships or in the offbeat terrain around Sydney allows for more artistic opportunity.

Considering most people travel for fun, letting our team capture those happy moments can become a huge asset to your marketing efforts.  Showcasing the clients you serve makes your marketing come alive. It promotes your agency in an active way that overly staid corporate portraits of your employees can’t accomplish.

Using Lifestyle Photography in the Cruise Industry

Not long ago, our team worked with Crystal Cruises, one of the top cruise companies in Sydney. Our approach entailed photographing the arrival of their new cruise ships into Sydney Harbour as just starters.

It was the beginning of our plan to highlight their upcoming luxury cruises that sail near Sydney. Our work with them gives you an idea of what you can do if you have a cruise line yourself. However, it’s not just cruise lines where you can capture your traveling clients having the time of their life.

All of our photographers stay inconspicuous to tourists so your clients can enjoy themselves and not even realise they’re being photographed. The key to effective lifestyle photography is to capture people acting naturally. In many cases, it brings a lot of surprises and revelations about how people react when traveling.

For a cruise, it can mean a snapshot your clients enjoying the extravagant food buffets or taking a dip in the ship’s pool.

Adding Video to the Mix

We’ve also recently worked with Gray Line Sydney, a major coach tour business. With video production, one of our fortes, we can complement our lifestyle photography work with video.

For some in the travel industry, this gives a better visual sense of certain travel destinations. We highlighted four travel destinations Gray Line offers throughout the Sydney area.

Take a look at the work we did for them to give you an example of how capturing client reactions to travel also works with expert video skills. Ultimately, we found the perfect production angle, including locating the right host for the videos.

Through the mix of photos and videos, we were able to put everything together into an artistic marketing package.

Working With Your Travel Agency

No matter the type of travel agency you have, our goal is to work with companies like yours.

We’ve also done similar lifestyle photography work for property developers, product manufacturers, and architects. Currently, we serve businesses throughout Sydney and Melbourne.

Visit our website to learn more about our advertising photography skills and the projects we’ve worked on in recent years.

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