Just imagine a day without watching videos on Youtube. You Can’t even think of it, right? Such is the impact of Youtube on our daily lives. As internet marketers and brands, Youtube offers a lot. Just after Google, it serves as the second largest search engine, which shows this platform’s dynamics.

More than 1.9 billion users are currently dealing with Youtube, which is more than Facebook and Netflix combined. The interesting numbers and figures from Youtube are mesmerizing, and it always attracts several brands and influencers. As per research, Youtube has almost 70% of viewers from mobile devices, and the average daily usage of any user is around 40 minutes.

This bounce rate indeed prefers multiple brands. Music videos are on a roll, with Despacito being one of the top viewed music available on Youtube.

Interestingly, Australian parents have always considered Youtube as a reliable source for parenting. Almost 81% of Australian parents do refer to multiple solutions from Youtube videos.

We also have a well researched infographic on Youtube Statistics 2021.


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