One of the key goals of marketing any product or service is to deliver personalised solutions that increase customer engagement. Further to this, such a customer will identify with your brand and represents a potential lead ready for conversion. Creating a personalised video to engage with such a customer at a higher level will maximise conversion opportunities. There is currently such a high demand from customers to see video marketing content. Your team is responsible for looking for new and creative ways to create personalised video and meet that demand. 

Why Use Video Marketing? 

Video is fast becoming a vital way to engage with both existing and new customers. Furthermore, customers are demanding to see video content of products and services before they will even consider a purchasing decision. Customers use video to educate themselves and determine the level of loyalty your brand deserves. Customers want a video that speaks to them, their beliefs and their needs. The use of video marketing is already driving higher rates of interest in a message. Creating a personalised video takes it to the next level. 

Why Create Personalised Video?

The purpose of your personalised video is to connect with more people and customers than your competitors. Driving that engagement will, therefore, increase leads and conversions. As sales teams use social media to deliver more personalised content and message, sales increase. Through intelligent planning and execution, creating a personalised video can add a higher level of fun and playfulness to your message. This is especially true when compared to a generic mass-market video.

How to send a personalised video to a potential customer.

How to Create a Personalised Video

Creating personalised video involves a lot more than just using the customer’s name in the subject heading of a message. Personalised videos must find connect with something unique for that particular customer. Including their name in infographics or an animation that is part of a marketing message will instantly inspire connectivity and engagement. Identifying milestones and celebrating those with each unique customer is also an essential way to drive interest. Recognising a customer’s achievements, knowing their activity, celebrating anniversaries, acknowledging birthdays and even renewal of subscription services are suitable.

Why create a video

Predicted Opportunities

Social media platforms have become exceptionally successful at predicting customer behaviour. Through the harvesting of rich personal data and actual daily routine on the platform, social media sites can market directly to specific individuals. Such sights use algorithms to map behaviour and interests, including product purchases and viewing habits. They then use this data to target that customer at a personal level with items that the customer likes and favours.

Social media plays a huge role in personalising video

Your team has to build customer data to a level where you can automate similar activities and create highly customised personalised video. The same level of data can measure the success of your targeted campaign. Look to analytics to determine if the customer responded positively to the personalised video. Did they purchase, renew, upgrade based on the offer made?

Now more than ever, personal data about existing and potential customers is precious and presents an opportunity to know your customers better than ever. That in itself is a golden marketing opportunity. Through the creation and delivery of highly personalised video, you can engage your leads and increase their brand loyalty. In turn, such activity makes conversions more likely.

Through creating personalised videos, you are sending a clear message to your customers that you know them, understand their needs and can deliver to that. Your marketing team has the responsibility to turn that knowledge into an individualised message. Such a connection will maximise your potential customer base. 

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