How is a video produced


Making a video can be a daunting task. But the process is simple and straightforward if you know the steps involved. Here’s how it works:


The script is written by a writer, who will then hand it over to the director and producers. The actor(s) then read through the script and make notes on what they would like changed or improved; this feedback is taken into account when completing a final draft of the script. Once everyone has approved of the finished product, it goes into production!


Pre-Production is the first step in the video production process. It involves all the planning, research and preparation that goes into making a video before you even start to shoot. During this stage, you’ll be working on things like:

  • The script (also called a treatment)
  • Casting and hiring actors/models if needed
  • Finding locations that fit your budget, schedule and production needs
  • Planning equipment needs including lights and sound equipment


The production stage is where the video is filmed. This involves lighting, sound and camera work. It also involves the filming of actors, locations and props for use in promotional videos for products or services.

How is a video produced

The production stage can be broken down into five parts:

  • Pre-production – this includes all planning activities such as script writing and storyboarding
  • Production – this includes filming on set using actors and crew members who are part of a film crew
  • Post-production – this includes editing footage shot during production (such as adding captions)


  • Background music is sourced and implemented into the video.
  • The video is edited.
  • The video is graded. This means that color corrections are made to ensure that the images match the mood of the background music and also flow nicely with one another in terms of color, tone and hue.
  • The audio is mixed so that it sounds clear, balanced and crisp both individually as well as when combined with other sounds such as voiceovers or musical instruments.
  • The encoded (compressed) version of your new masterpiece gets posted online!


So, you asked how is video produced and we answered. You do need to follow the entire process to have a succesfull final video.

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