Small to medium businesses are arguably the backbone of the Australian economy and as we become reliant more on digital systems, SME’s should look toward video to better connect with consumers. Commercial environments are becoming increasingly competitive however, video can be a cost-effective solution to marketing in a busy market. Organisations can tap into the power of video production as a way of engaging with customers and clients, driving a return on investment and brand awareness.  Video is becoming a standard marketing tactic and large businesses are not the only group who can benefit from the tool – small to medium businesses can too. We take a greater look into how we can create effective video strategies for SMEs’.

Small Business Owner
Small Business Owner

Why Video Production in Small Business?

Video provides a powerful ROI (Return on Investment). Animation video company Wyzowl, published a recent report which noted that 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 92% of marketers who use video say video it is an important part of their marketing strategy. Video is an extremely versatile tool that can be used across digital strategies, OOH advertising, events and TV. Video can transform the way you communicate with your audience by stimulating the senses of sound and sight. The possibilities are endless and content opportunities are tremendous.

Man working online
Man working online

Creating Cost-Effective Solutions

Like many businesses in general, SME’s can be cost-conscious and therefore reluctant to pursue video, especially if an immediate return is not provided. However, video is a long-term strategy. In creating a cost-effective solution, SME’s should have a good understanding of what they want and need in a video campaign – strategy, brief, script/vision, storyline, budget and distribution. Understanding what you want from the outset can eliminate costs down the track – whether you want to produce a high or low budget production is a good starting point. Designing such a strategy beforehand can help communicate your needs with your video production company.

Australian Money

Our recommendation is hiring a full-service production company. At Visionair Media, we are a full-service production company. By providing a full-service, we can control costs for our clients while providing a high-quality product. Some of the ways we control costs are by hiring quality talent internally, working closely with our clients for scripting/creative brief purposes and by providing post-production service in-house. By retaining more control, we can reduce costs by limiting the parties involved, all while creating quality video content. Building a good relationship by preferencing a video production company is also a great way to reduce costs as on-going work creates an economy of scale. Furthermore, both parties better understand their role and the objectives of the other party, creating for a seamless experience.

Event Videos and Virtual Events

Over the last few months, we have seen major events cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Most of these events can be viewed as a ‘missed opportunity’ however, this does not have to be the case. Take note from industry early innovators and adapt to a virtual event or create an event video for your satellite event. Your virtual event can be broadcasted through the internet, across social media platforms. This is a great opportunity to stimulate online engagement and work with online communities to boost your virtual event. Event broadcasting is a trending video marketing strategy that can be extremely effective.

Vinnies CEO Sleep Out - Virtual Event 2020
Vinnies CEO Sleep Out – Virtual Event 2020

Visionair Media are proud sponsors of the St Vincent De Paul, CEO Sleep Out in Sydney as official event photographers. Due to the health restrictions this year a physical event was not possible, so organisers turned the event into a virtual one. Our team captured the digital event, as it was happening LIVE!

Social Media Small Business Video Production

Small business video production can use video to amplify marketing communications and social media marketing is a powerful tool when harnessed in the right way. Online content can be extremely versatile from promotional videos to commercial corporate videos. Content that is boosted or promoted in video format is a great way of gaining people’s attention instantly. Paid advertising content should be ‘on-brand’ and must have a purpose. Many social media platforms have targeting segmentation tools to ensure you are reaching the right demographic. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook have advertising help centres which aim to teach individuals how to maximise their advertising spend on their platform, effectively.

Content Ideas

There are multiple avenues small to medium businesses can take when generating content. Create your small business video production strategy by researching consumer insight. Brands should remember to create authentic, ‘on-brand’ moments that are memorable. Brands can generate general promotional content which can relate to the way your service or product is delivered eg. manufacturing process, clients service process, interviews with employees or product reviews. When generating content ideas, SMEs’ should be looking at the pain point of their consumers. You can find this by looking at specific industry online groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. SMEs’ can also look to industry publications, industry forums and most importantly the comments section or review section of your brand and product page.

Small business owner with small business package
Small business owner with small business package

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