Real Estate Photography Sydney Using Drones

Real Estate Photography Sydney Using Drones

Real Estate Photography Sydney Using Drones

Real Estate Photography using Drones – 5 Keys to success using Aerial drones over planes or helicopters

Drones otherwise known as UAV’s or RPA’s have entered the world of photography and they are here to stay. They have many attributes that make them far more attractive than using a helicopter, the most appealing being their affordability. So with the use of unmanned aerial drones for photography is becoming all the more prevalent, here are some tips to a successful shoot…


Chance favors the prepared and that could not be more accurate in this scenario. Making sure you are prepared for the shoot is just as important as the shoot itself. You need to be aware of exactly what you would like photographed, what the images will be used for, such as print media, websites and the like. If you have a vision of what the end result should be, it will make the photographers job much easier and allow him to produce the desired result for you. It is crucial that you also select a photographer that is skilled in the use of octocopter drones and can grasp the concept you are looking for with minimum fuss. Visionair are a great company to utilise for this type of photography and will produce professional results, every time.

Ease of use

The beauty of the drone as opposed to helicopters is the ease of use. No longer to do have to charter a chopper, organize the air time, lodge a flight plan, book the photographer and ride on the helicopter. Now you can stand alongside a skilled operator capturing images from the safety of the ground. Never has aerial photography been easier and with less hassle it becomes an enjoyable process. Weather conditions are less of a concern with the drones flying at a much lower altitude and risk of death or injury non-existent. It certainly alleviates the concern for those that don’t like flying.


One of the biggest drawbacks of aerial photography in the past was the high cost of the operation. In the past you needed to charter a helicopter, the pilot needed to be paid, the photographer was a cost and fuel was added into the cost. These days those things are cut right out of the equation and drones have made this possible. Drones run on batteries so there are no fuel costs, the photographer operates the UAV so there is no pilot to pay, and it flies at low altitude so there are no flight plans to lodge. Life is much easier and much cheaper. If you thought aerial photography was not within your budget then think again. The use of unmanned aerial drones has made this all too possible.

Real time viewing

The ability of being able to view the photographs in real time has made the adaptability of the drone a far more attractive prospect than the use of helicopters. The photographer can view the shots in real time, making it much easier to maximize the air time and capture the best possible images in the shortest amount of time. Real time viewing is just one of the many attributes that drones have over their much larger counterparts, the helicopter.

Time Management

In the pat with the use of helicopters it was a timely exercise, usually taking at least half a day to a full day to conduct the shoot. From preparation to transporting to the airfield, lifting off, making the correct number of passes and getting the shots, it could be a very time consuming process. Often a member of your staff would ride along and assist with direction as to what shots were needed. These days are gone. With the use of drones, the time needed to get the outstanding shots you need is minimized and the results are maximized. Time is money and money is business, so why not cut the time?

Drones present an affordable, convenient and professional solution to all your aerial photography needs. Get on the edge of technology and utilize this amazing method of photography to make your business rise above the rest…..

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