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If anyone was in any doubt as to what the drone photography industry has to offer, a recent visual adventure in Vietnam should dispel these once and for all. A team led by drone photographer, Ryan Deboodt, captured some stunning images and footage from the world’s largest known cave.

NSW may not be known for its cave systems, but the state is certainly home to some stunning scenery and vistas that only drone aerial photography can truly do justice to. At VisionAir, we like nothing more than harnessing the beauty that aerial perspectives provide and offer premier drone photography in NSW, allowing you to obtain these unique views for your brand and business.

In Vietnam, Deboodt flew a drone into the Hang Son Doong cave to capture stills and video that just weren’t obtainable prior to the advent of drone photography. Taken at the cave entrance and where shafts connected the cave with the outside world, the images give a glimpse at another world of vast chambers and 230 feet tall stalagmites.

The natural beauty of NSW is not hidden like within Hang Son Doong, but we still get a very restricted view at ground level. VisionAir drone aerial photography allows you to get stunning images of harbours, coastlines, urban areas, rural land and more from above.

Just as Deboodt and his team showed remarkable skill to get their footage, VisionAir also have a team of highly talented individuals to ensure you get the best drone photography in NSW. Every assignment we undertake includes the skills of an experienced pilot and a technically proficient and creative drone photographer. The result is the most outstanding, professional drone photos in Sydney and elsewhere in the state.

In addition to talented individuals, great drone photography also requires the best equipment available. VisionAir uses the latest Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and the latest photographic equipment from Canon, who are the industry leaders with an unrivalled global reputation. It is this combination of technology and talent that ensures we deliver the finest drone photography in NSW.

Deboodt simultaneously showcased an amazing cave and illustrated the power of aerial drone photography. At VisionAir, we harness this power on a daily basis, keeping up to date with the latest technology and honing our skills to ensure we get the most professional drone photos in Sydney. If your business or brand needs stunning drone photography in Sydney and NSW that will lift you above your competition, VisionAir can deliver the images you want and need.

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