There has been a lot of talk recently about the volume of animal species becoming extinct or being pushed to the verge of extinction. In the fight to save endangered animals, the use of aerial drone photography and footage may be a vital preservation tool. As the technology becomes more affordable and accessible, park rangers and managers throughout the world, particularly in Africa, will have some very valuable eyes in the sky. At VisionAir, we love the fact that drone photography in Sydney and elsewhere has so many applications that make a real difference in the world. Saving wildlife is undoubtedly one of these and there are several ways that aerial drone photos can help.

Battling poachers and other crime

The plight of animals such as rhinoceroses and elephants is well documented, but in vast open spaces, poachers are extremely difficult, not to mention dangerous, to police. Drone photography is being used in a surveillance capacity, to track and deter poachers in these areas. Aerial drone photography is also assisting in the battles against illegal hunting, fishing and burning of land.

Aerial count

Obtaining an accurate count of threatened species is of vital importance to scientists, park managers and organisations such as WWF. Population size not only indicates just how threatened a species is, it also helps those charged with protecting them gauge how much habitat and food are required. Drone photography offers a relatively quiet and unobtrusive aerial perspective to greatly assist with such a count.

Up close and personal

Drones do not only get closer to animals than other aerial vehicles, they often have the same advantage over people on the ground. And the closer they get, the more detailed the aerial drone photos are, resulting in stunning images and helping facilitate the collection of invaluable data regarding the health, habits and behaviour of threatened animals.

The Big Picture

To truly understand just how the encroachment of human habitats and climate change is affecting wildlife areas, it is vital to get holistic, aerial views and aerial drone photography offers exactly that. Researchers can, for example, track the decrease or increase of forestry or sea ice to better gauge risks to animals and their environments.

VisionAir might not have access to the glaciers of Greenland or the savannahs of the Serengeti, but our drone photography in Sydney can help businesses and organisation take advantage of many of the same elements of birds-eye views. Get in touch with us to see how your brand or marketing strategy could benefit from stunning aerial photography in Sydney.

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