Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drones, it seems, are here to stay and the technology is becoming increasingly accessible. Once the domain of governments and the military, today a greater number of enthusiasts are taking up the hobby and getting their photography airborn. At VisionAir, we’ve been operating drones since they became available for commercial use and can offer a few hints for newcomers to the activity we are most passionate about – drone photography.

Try a simulator first
Before you take to the skies in the physical world, try doing so in the virtual world where erratic flying isn’t dangerous and accidents aren’t costly. These days, drone photography simulators are extremely realistic and they represent a great way to gain confidence in your ability and acquire the basic skills necessary for the real world.

Start small and cheap
Even with time on simulators, your first genuine experiments with aerial photography in NSW might not go to plan. Weather conditions, your lack of experience and many other variables may prove too difficult for learners. You can expect a hard landing or two at best or a calamitous crash at worst. Start out with cheaper equipment until you become proficient and gradually upgrade. This way you’ll avoid breaking your heart and budget before you’ve experienced the true joy of drone photography in Sydney and beyond.

Respect regulations
There has been plenty of negative press regarding irresponsible drone use. As drone photography in NSW and Australia is a relatively new phenomenon, the rules and regulations are little known and still in their infancy. They do exist though and it is important that hobbyists and commercial practitioners alike abide by the rules, so we can all keep enjoying what we do. You can read some of the key rules here.

Know your limits
Because it offers new perspectives and opportunities, it can be very easy to get overly excited about shooting drone photos in Sydney or elsewhere. Before you fly your drone near a crowded area or above that smoking volcano crater, ensure that you know your limits and what is and is not likely to end well.

Watch and learn
The world of film and television is awash with examples of aerial photography these days. Watch as many films, documentaries and television that incorporate this technology, take some notes and take some screenshots to help inspire your own projects.

Drone photography in NSW, Australia and anywhere else that it is possible is a fun and exciting activity and can result in some incredible images. If you need aerial photography of the highest caliber, get in touch with VisionAir today for a new perspective on the world.

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