Surveillance Drones Can Do Good

At VisionAir, we are passionate about the possibilities drone photography in NSW allows and spend a great deal of our time working on such projects. There are however, a myriad of uses for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that could revolutionise how we live. Here are just a few, some of which incorporate aerial photography:

Aerial aid

Just as drone photography in Sydney allows us to capture images of places that would otherwise be hard to access, UAVs can be used to deliver aid to remote or awkward locations, or in the aftermath of natural disasters. Several projects with this goal have begun and it won’t be long before drones are helping those who need it most with supplies, vaccines and the like.

Search and rescue

Drones have the potential to be far more useful in the search for missing people in wilderness areas than humans. We tire easily, are slow on foot and find it difficult to undertake a systematic search. UAVs, on the otherhand, are fast, resilient and can carry out an inch-by-inch search of an area. Someday soon drone photos in NSW may be saving lives in outback areas.


Farms too can benefit from drone technology. From scanning crops and fields to optimising water levels, spraying fertilizer to herding sheep, UAVs may eventually save a lot of working hours on the ground.

Bushfire monitoring

Australia is no stranger to catastrophic bushfires, but drone photography in NSW and other states may soon be used on the frontline of the battle. Without risk to life, UAVs are able to fly over and monitor fire-fronts in real-time. The technology is already being used successfully in France.

Drone ranger

Forget the Lone Ranger! UAVs are now offering some of the world’s critically endangered species greater protection. Aerial photography will be used to monitor white rhinos in Kenya and deter poachers.

Flying animals

Taxidermy drones are perhaps not as useful as the white rhino protectors, but certainly interesting. A Dutch artist has created stuffed animal drones that not only look incredibly lifelike, they are also fully functioning UAVs. If you see a flying cat in the near future don’t be alarmed. It may be taking drone photos in Sydney, or may simply be an art installation.

From flying art to life saving surveillance and aid drops, drones can be of real value to modern societies. Australia is no exception and VisionAir is determined to be at the forefront of the movement, offering expert aerial drone photos to NSW organisations that want a fresh perspective on the world.

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